Holy Grail Product


It’s been rather windy to say the least here at Hairtrade central, so when I was asked to choose my Holy Grail product of the week I didn’t even have to think! Enter the Tangle Teezer.

Now this little miracle product has been doing the rounds on many blogs, but you don’t realise how good it actually is until you try it yourself. I step out of the house with perfectly styled hair, and within seconds I have wind-blown tresses. Out comes the Tangle Teezer and with a few quick brush strokes my hair is tamed.

Not only is it good for on the go, but it’s great for back-combing too and for those with hair extensions, it is perfectly safe and gently blends natural hair with your extensions.

Is there anything that this product can’t do?!

Choose from either the original or the compact which is ideal for keeping in your bag, and better yet, prices start from just £10.16.

You can check out the full range here!

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