Malin Akerman’s Textured Braid


ImageThis has to be one of my favourite hairstyles at the moment, as it’s perfect for Summer but so easy to do and can dress up a casual outfit, or dress an outfit down like Malin Akerman has done.

To get the look, all you need is a texturising spray to ‘rough’ up the hair to give it a more disheveled feel.

The best one I’ve used for this style is Redken’s Wool Shale Gel-Slush Texturiser.

This spray is amazing, shake it up then spritz on the hair. At first your hair will feel slightly tacky – that’s when you mess it up as much or as little as you want. It will then take on a ‘wool’ like matte feel which is perfect for this hairstyle.

For this type of braid, I sometimes put a slight wave in my hair (use either tongs or straighteners, whichever you feel most comfortable with) just to create a little volume and wave to my poker straight hair. I then spritz the Wool Shake all over and mess it up with my hands. Next up, just braid as normal at the side. Try pulling the plait out a little once you’ve tied it at the end to make it ‘fatter’ and less neat. The messier the better with this look!

Instead of just tying off with a hair bobble or clear elastic, try a thin piece of ribbon left long to drape down for a change!

Redken Wool Shake Gel-Slush Texturiser is available from (link here) and is priced at £12.70 (RRP £15.15).

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