Get the salon blow dry at home


This week, Kayleigh from couture girl shows us how to get the salon blow dry at home.

On a day to day basis, my hair tends to be down with natural waves or shoved up in a ponytail in an attempt to hide a bad hair day. I put this down to the fact I’m lazy and want an extra ten minutes in bed (don’t we all) so the only thing I try to ensure my hair has every single day is plenty of volume. Having big bouncy hair makes me feel ready to take on the world and give me an air of confidence I don’t have when my hair is flat and lacklustre.

kayleigh blow dry 2With this being said, I want to share a couple of products that make achieving that just left the salon bouncy blow-dry look a little easier. The first thing I like to do when creating volume is tip my head upside down and blast my hair with the hairdryer. This can be done when the hair is wet or completely dry and it instantly adds volume and lift to the roots.

kayleigh blow dry 3To add an extra boost, I also like to apply a volumising mousse to the roots, which I find to be more effective than volumising sprays or creams. The Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Sculpting Foam is the perfect product for adding lots of volume without weighing the hair down or leaving a greasy residue and it also contains conditioning emollients that ensure the hair is shiny and easy to manage.

kayleigh blow dry 4

kayleigh blow dry 5After applying the mousse and blasting my hair with the hair dryer, I like to finish the stylish process by giving my hair a proper blow-dry with a big barrel brush. The ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush is perfect for this as it retains heat to allow for a faster drying time, allows me to create lots of lift at the roots and a soft curl at the ends of my hair. Salon blow-dry perfection in a matter of minutes!

kayleigh blow dry 6

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