Holiday Hair: Braids


When it comes to summer, hair style choices come down to two things – what looks good and what’s easy to maintain. In the heat, the fussier hair styles and trends just won’t do. Something that holds well, looks great and is easy to rock from day to night is just what we need.

And what’s the answer? Braids of course!

Braids are everywhere. One of the hottest trends for the summer, they look great and also make hair worries a thing of the past.

But, to make them effortless, there are a few things not to forget. First up, choose your style. Do you want a traditional single plait or something to the side:

something to the side


Maybe you want two or even two twisted:

two twisted


To make sure everything stays in it’s place, pre-braid hair care is a must. If you’re looking to braid after washing your hair, it can work with the right product but may be easier on the second day.

For the right base, you’ll want to make sure your hair has texture. For finer hair, a great sea-salt spray like Label.M’s will do the trick. Simply spray onto damp hair and dry for a thicker, more textured effect.
sea-salt spray

If your hair’s a little hard to handle or you’re braiding on the second day, you might want to skip this step. Perhaps something smoother might be what you’re looking for? If you’re wanting to fight the frizz all day long or plan to be out in the sun and want to stay conditioned, Moroccan Oil will be the one for you.
Moroccan Oil


Now that you’re prepped and ready to go, you’ll want to start tangle free. Grab your Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer

and smooth out any knots or strays. With a smooth base, you’ll be ready to apply your perfect braid and rock this seasons hottest trend, all summer long!



Don’t forget you can head over to our Pinteres for more inspiration and braid styles on our Holiday Hair board!

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