How to Get the Perfect Party Season Curls


With the party season upon us, you’re no doubt starting to think about the outfits you want to rock and the hair styles to go with them. For a fool-proof party look, curls always work. Not only do they add instant movement to your hair, but they are so easy to achieve – especially with the right tools.


Enter the BaByliss Pro Conical Wand. It’s the go-to styling product of the season to achieve those party-ready curls. Not only is it super easy to use, but it’s sleek, hot and has a 19-32mm barrel for slightly bouncier curls.



But let’s get to it! Here’s how to achieve those killer curls you’ve been dreaming of…


Step 1:

Starting the day before the party, you’ll want to make sure your hair is washed and ready to rest before being styled. Curls always take better on the second day, so washing your hair beforehand is a huge must. Try something like the Paul Mitchell Shampoo One and Detangler Conditioner for super clean and style-ready hair.

Step 2:

Now that it’s styling time, you’ll want to start by brushing your hair through to make sure it’s tangle free and section it off with clips. Around 3-4 sections will do. Turn to wand on and wait for the indicator lights before you begin. Starting at the bottom, with the first section, wrap some of the hair (about an inch or two thick) around the barrel. If you wrap away from the face, the curls will fall outwards and if you wrap towards the face, the curls will turn in – so you’ve got a choice on how they look. You can also alternate them for added texture and movement.

Step 3:

Keep going on the layers until all of your hair is curled. Take a little more care with the top later as this is where the curls will be seen. When finished, spray off all curls with hairspray – something like the TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece holds them perfectly.


Step 4:

For looser curls, run your fingers through your hair once the spray has set. This will break up the neatness and give more of a soft wave effect. You can even run a little serum, like the GHD Style Smooth and Finish Serum, through it to give them a romantic look.

Step 5:

Finally, before you’re ready to leave, check that the curls are working their magic and finish off with a little shine spray. TIGI Bed Head Headrush is the perfect for a little added sparkle to last all day long.



And don’t forget, now that you’ve got the secret to perfect curls, you can rock them from day to night with any outfit of choice. Perfect curls aren’t just for Christmas girls, we all deserve to style them for life!

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