How to Make Your Clip In Hair Extensions Last for Longer


Do you like playing with the length of your hair? Clip in hair extensions can help you obtain a fabulous hairstyle, even if your natural hair isn’t too long. But, unfortunately, just like real hair these extensions tend to get damaged after a while. Would you like to know what can you do to make your clip in hair extensions last longer? Well, it is all about the way you care for them and the products you use. It doesn’t matter if you have synthetic extensions or ones made out of natural hair, because they all get damaged the same and will require the same amount of attention.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Just like your own hair, your extensions need to be cleaned properly. But, you should know that not all shampoos and conditioners are right for your extensions. You should opt for gentle shampoos and avoid anti-dandruff shampoos and the ones that have sulphates in their composition. If you use the wrong shampoo, the extensions may dry out very quickly, get tangled, and be impossible to use anymore. Even if you have a good shampoo you will want to avoid washing them every day. Try washing the extensions every two or three days, just like you do with your own hair.

Moroccanoil Special Edition Moisture Repair Duo Set

The Moroccanoil Special Edition Moisture Repair Duo Set is the perfect shampoo and conditioner set, both for your hair and your extensions. It does not contain sulphates, phosphates, or parabens. It will hydrate and moisturise the hair, while also protecting the colour.

Maintain your hair and extensions by brushing

It is mandatory to brush your hair and extensions at least once a day, to prevent it from tangling. You probably know that we lose quite a few hairs every day, approximately 100, so if you don’t brush your hair to get those off, they may start creating troubles for your extensions. Your extensions can get tangled with the hairs that fall out, providing an unaesthetic and hard to manage appearance. Not to mention the situation when these hairs get around the clips of the extensions, making their removal rather painful and uncomfortable!

Hair Extension Loop Brush

The Hair Extension Loop Brush is just the type of brush you need. This special brush will easily detangle your hair, without causing too much trouble to your extensions. Always start by brushing your ends, continuing with the middle section, and finishing by brushing the roots.

Be careful what heat tools you use

It is recommended to try and keep your hair dry, to prevent your extensions from looking wild and without a shape. Too much moisture in the air can always ruin your hair. But, when you are drying your hair, use ionic dryers or irons, because they will minimize the presence of frizzes and will make both your own hair and extensions easy to manage. Be careful not to put too much heat on the extensions, because they do tend to get dry quite easily and lose their flexibility.

BaByliss Pro GT Ionic II Dryer

The BaByliss Pro GT Ionic II Dryer is the type of hair dryer you may want to use when wishing to take better care of your hair and extensions. It is highly appreciated among hairdressers for its power, but also its gentleness, leaving a dry hair that is soft and shiny.

Don’t go to bed just like that

If you want to keep our hair extensions in a great condition, you will need to be careful about the way to go to bed. Tangling is the biggest enemy of any hair extension because once tangled the extension will look bad and will hardly look the same again. So, it is highly recommended to take your clip in hair extensions off your hair before going to bed. Besides risking getting the extensions tangled, you can also get the clips damaged, which will mean that you won’t be able to use your extensions anymore 🙁

Use a nourishing treatment

To keep your clip in hair extensions in the best shape, you should use a nourishing treatment once a month. The effect on this treatment will be just like it is on your real hair, keeping the extensions soft, flexible, and untangled. It is recommended to use high quality products, because this way you will know for sure that the life of your extensions will be prolonged as much as possible.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist

You will love the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moisture Mist, because it will hydrate both your hair and skin. It contains amino acids and vitamins that will nourish your hair, extensions, and skin as well. After you took a shower or bath, use a towel to gently remove excessive water from your hair, and spray the product all over the surface of your hair. Do the same with the extensions. Then just use a comb to spread the product through the hair and extensions. Also, you can spray the mist on your skin, after closing the eyes from protection. Wait until the product is absorbed and your skin is dry, before getting dressed.

With a bit of care and attention, your hair extensions can have a long and happy life. And when you get to take care of your natural hair at the same time, things can only get better. If you use the right products, which are of high-quality, it is impossible not to have gorgeous hair. You invested in exceptional hair extensions, so why risk losing them because you did not use reliable products or did not respected these simple maintenance rules. Now you know what needs to be done in order to enjoy your hair extensions as much time as possible.

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