Our Favourite Hat Hairstyles


The coming of the cold season means one thing, and that is hats on our head. Hats can be practical and fashionable as well, keeping our head and ears warm and making us look chic. But what about our hair? If we wear hats, this doesn’t mean that we can’t make our hair look fabulous. There are plenty of hairstyles that can be worn under your hat. In fact, you can combine various hair styles with various types of hats. Are you ready to look great this cold season? Then check out our favourite hat hairstyles.

Wear it Straight

When you are out of ideas about how to wear your hair, straightening it is the fastest and cleanest option. There are very few women that have a natural straight hair, most of us having some sort of natural waves and curls. The best part about straight hair is that it can be worn with any type of hat.

Straight hat hair

Whether you decide to wear a floppy wide brim or a knitted beanie, your hair will still look amazing underneath. Still, we all need that high humidity is the worst enemy of straight hair. You need an anti-frizz and shine spray, which will keep your hair straight regardless of weather. It will seal and protect your hairstyle, while stopping it from getting frizzy under humid conditions.

Curls for a Romantic Look

Are you in the mood for a feminine and romantic look? Well, this can look perfect together with your favourite hat as well, giving you a sweet and chic appearance. But, whatever curling iron you are going to use, you need to keep your hair protected, so you can easily style your hair without worrying about getting it damaged. After spraying it on your hair, it will form an effective shield around it, while also offering a healthy shine to your hair.

Curly hat hair

If you want to keep your new curls nice and neat without experiencing any frizzes, a good high-def curly spray will help you out. It will define your curls,
separating one of another, making you have a salon-like curled hair. You will simply look like a doll with such curls.

Pigtails Look Playful

Whether you go for simple pig tails or braided pig tails, you will have a playful and cheeky look, even if the weather outside is not the most pleasant. This is a hairstyle that can make you look much younger, so don’t see it as a style just for kids or young girls. After all, age is just a number, so why not enjoy them if you like them. Pigtails are fast to do, especially when you don’t have time for an elaborate hairstyle, and on top, you can toss your favorite hat for the day.

Pigtails hat hair

If you have time, you can opt for braiding your pigtails, for a girlish look. But, if you really have time and you would like something classier, you can opt for fishtail pigtails. This means that instead of splitting the pigtail in three parts, for braiding, you will split it in four parts, and braid it like this. Once you are done, if you like a casual touch, just gently pull on the sides of the fishtail, to loosen up the braids.

A Side Style

Another fast and chic hairstyle to wear with a hat is the side braid. It will keep your hair together, while offering you a stylish and elegant look, especially if you pair it with a floppy hat or wide-brim fedora. All you have to do is pull all your hair to the side, above your shoulder.

Side swept hat hair

If you want, you can secure it with elastic, but it isn’t necessary. It will look more romantic if it is loose in the upper part. Now, once you have the hair on one side, start braiding it. You will have to secure the ends with elastic, to keep the braid in place.

A Low Messy Bun

If you love wearing Fedora hats, because you think they are cool and they fit your style, the low messy bun is the perfect hairstyle for them. Practically, what you have to do is to obtain an undone bun in the lowest part of your head, so that it won’t be uncomfortable to wear the Fedora hat. Next, grab all your hair and form a pony tail as low as possible, putting elastic near the roots of the hair. Just wrap the pony tail in a bun and use a few bobby pins to secure it. You can even braid your pony tail if you want a more sophisticated bun, pulling on the sides once it’s done, for a loose and undone effect.

Messy bun hat hair

Wearing a hat does not mean that you cannot enjoy great hairstyles. You have plenty to choose from, just like the ones we just mentioned earlier. The cold season may not be your favourite time of the year, but a chic hat and a fabulous hairstyle can make you feel better, because you can look amazing even on a messy weather.

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