12 Hairstyles of Christmas


How else would we celebrate Christmas and the New years eve party if not with a proper hairstyle and outfit? A gorgeous hairstyle can change your entire look. Here are our 12 hairstyles of Christmas.

1. Triple Braided Bun

This bun looks amazing, it is romantic, and can be done fast and easy. It is perfect when you need to get somewhere and don’t have enough time to fix your hair or when guests arrive unannounced.

All you need to do is split your hair vertically in three equal parts, one on each side and one in the middle. Braid first the section in the middle and tie it in a bun. Then braid the ones on the side and put them around the same bun.

Christmas Hairstyle

2. Fabric Braid

You will have both a braid and a head band in one single style. You just have to add a thin band of fabric to your hair, when braiding it. So, you will have two strands of hair and one of fabric. Do the braid like you would normally. If it is long enough, you can even wear it as a tiara.

Christmas Hairstyle

3. Mermaid Braid

Again, a very beautiful braid, especially if you opt to tie it with a red ribbon. You can braid your entire hair or just the upper half. When braiding, just add a thin stand of hair from each side, at every loop you make. Your hair will look very sophisticated with a hairstyle that is not hard to make.

Christmas Hairstyle

4. Twisted Half-Up Halo

All you need to do is take one stand of hair from each side, twist them together, secure them, and wrap them around your head like a halo. It is a quick hairstyle that looks beautiful. You may also want to use some hair pins, to make sure that the halo will sit in its place.

Christmas Hairstyle

5. Retro Side Sweep

Retro hairstyles are always hot, so don’t hesitate to opt for one during the winter holidays. Start by making large generous curls in the lower half of your hair. When you are done, use your fingers to tame the curls. You can define them with hair oil or a leave-in treatment for a glossy and soft look.

Christmas Hairstyle

6. Bow Braid

You never imagine that the regular Dutch braid can turn into something so spectacular. Perform a Dutch braid on any side of your head you want. Stop somewhere in the middle. With one hand hold gently onto the end of it and with the other pick one loop from the three that compose a braid section and gently pull it out, until it forms the loop of a ribbon. Do the same on the each side for a good part of the braid. Finish it by finishing the braid.

Christmas Hairstyle

7. Voluminous Blowout

A blowout is always welcome, especially if it is a generous one. You can do it right after taking a shower. All you need is a good hair dryer and a round brush with a large barrel. Don’t forget to add some fixing spray to it, a flexible one would be best, so it will allow the hair to move and look natural.

Christmas Hairstyle

8. Heightened Ponytail

A well-done ponytail can get your hair looking great in no time. You can refine it by gently teasing the hair on the top of your head, to create a bit of volume, and by curling the ends of the pony tail. This will definitely not be the ordinary pony tail you wear every day. And a hair spray for a glossy appearance will be more than welcome in this case.

Christmas Hairstyle

9. Fishtail Braid

You can’t go wrong with a fishtail braid. If you want a more romantic look, don’t forget to loosen up the braid once it is done. You can wear it on your back, traditionally, or on your side, as long as you are enjoying it.

Christmas Hairstyle

10. Gentle Quiff

With the help of your fingers and a product that will allow you to model your hair, you can give yourself a sophisticated air. The gentle quiff is usually made on the front side of the hairstyle, directing the hair above your forehead backwards. It is a loose but romantic way to style your hair and celebs seem to love it.

Christmas Hairstyle

11. Modern Beehive

The beehive seems to have made a serious comeback in recent times. More and more celebrities appear to appreciate it. Of course, it has a more modern touch, but the main idea is the same. And that is to create a lot of volume by using your hair, putting it in a very large bun. Still do feel free to choose the best beehive size for you.

Christmas Hairstyle

12. Elegant Updo

For this hairstyle, feel free to use your imagination. As long as you get your hair up, it is considered to be an updo, so make sure yours will fit your style. You are the only one that sets limits here.

Christmas Hairstyle

With so many hairstyles at your disposal you will definitely look stunning this Christmas. The idea is for you to feel beautiful and special On such a wonderful time of the year. Enjoy and don’t forget to properly care for your hair.

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