The Best Hair From 2016


It’s almost the end of the year which for us means it’s time to look back on things and also wonder what next year will bring. Regarding hairstyles, we can say that 2016 was a great year. There was a hairstyle for everybody, regardless of occasion.

1. Tight Curls

Curls have been very popular this year, especially that ‘doll look’. Short, medium, or long, these fabulous curls look great on any hair length. The best part about them is that they don’t have that ultra-finished look, which made them even more natural. The use of a diffuser when drying the hair for more generous volume, or a half-inch curler that could give you those tight corkscrew curls we are talking about, they were both great choices. Are we going to see curls in the coming year? That’s a high possibility because we may not have had enough of them just yet!

Tight Curls

2. Layered Bob

The layered bob was one of the most appreciated hairstyles of 2016. Highly popular among celebrities, it’s cute, feminine, and can be worn both with slight waves or simple and straight. For a bit of effect and a glamorous note, adding some waves to this hairstyle by using a flat iron is just what one needs when time is short and our hair looks messy.

Layered Bob

3. Highlights on the Tips

This hairstyle was definitely hot this year, spotted on everybody from VIPs, celebrities, and public figures, to every woman around the globe. Whether we are talking about discreet highlights or highlights that create a bit of a contrast, they were for sure something to add when you wanted to make a change, but without having to dye all the hair. Discreet highlights, which created that sun-burned just-back-from-vacation look were much appreciated by the majority. And we cannot deny that a bit of honey gold added to a hairstyle, even if it is on the tips, manages to create a warm and feminine appearance.

Highlighted Hair Tips

4. Classic Mid-Length Bob

The bob hairstyle is coming back every year, classic or reinvented, a sign that it is still considered a very sexy hairstyle. The truth is that with such a hairstyle, you can’t go wrong. If you are looking to get a haircut but don’t want to risk doing something that you might not like, this is the best bet you can make. It is perfect for casual outfits and it can look amazing with an evening gown as well, with minimum efforts. It is the perfect hairstyle when you wish to look classy and don’t want to have too much to do with hair maintenance.

Mid-Length Bob

5. Asymmetrical Cuts

If classical bobs were a hit, asymmetrical cuts got their place on the podium this year as well. This type of hairstyle is for those women that want to try something different and who are not afraid of change. It can be elegant and glamorous when needed, but it can also give that laid-back look you want for your everyday appearance. The hairstyle can be slicked back, have one side tucked behind the ear, or even enjoy some loose waves done with a flat iron. The decision is entirely yours, because this is a very versatile hairstyle.

Asymmetrical Hair Cuts

6. French Girl Cut

French women were definitely an inspiration for hairstylists all over the world, the French girl cut is becoming rather popular in 2016. They have that “je ne sais quoi” that made the charm of French women famous worldwide. The bang is a must for such a hairstyle, almost always worn slightly pulled on one side, for a more romantic and feminine appearance. What makes this hairstyle so cute is its somewhat disorganized look, of a young and spontaneous girl that doesn’t care too much about appearance, preferring to go natural at all times. Perhaps this is what we all miss the most.

French Girl Hair

7. Retro Bouffant

Retro hairstyles were a real hit this year and we can say that they even made a fantastic come back, due to their sweet and feminine touches. The signature of such a hairstyle is the volumized area right in the top of the head, together with the slightly curled ends. Either parted on the middle or on one side, the hair will look simple fabulous with such a hairstyle. It is futile to say that a cat-eye makeup will complete it perfectly, making you look like a real diva. If you need a special hairstyle for a special occasion, this one will deliver exactly what you need.

Retro Bouffant

8. Bombshell Volume

Another great hairstyle that can be done easily and always has the desired effect. All you have to do is dry your hair upside-down while using a round brush and you will have this amazing volume. It is best do dry it in the morning, so you can enjoy the hairstyle throughout the day. If you do this at night, you will sleep on it and all the volume will disappear until morning. Don’t forget to use a flat iron to strengthen those long bangs that fall around your face for a more defined look. Heads will definitely be turned with such a hairstyle.

9. Sleek Hair

This is a hairstyle that was seen rather often, both on podiums and presented by various celebrities, because it is glamorous and can be done very quickly. The face will be the center piece, so it goes well will a beautiful makeup. To achieve this hairstyle, a flat iron is required, to make sure that the hair is nice and straight. Then it needs to be tucked behind the ears, on both sides. To secure it and keep it in place for hours, a few bobby pins will help you do that. So, with just a few moves and a bit of time, you are ready to go out.

Sleek Hair

10. Beachy Waves

How can we possibly forget about the beachy waves? They were so present this year, almost everywhere. Everybody seemed to love them, because they are romantic, feminine, and give that relaxed look we are all craving for. Whether you need to attend an event or just go shopping, this hairstyle will give you a chic air no matter what. All you need is some loose curls that will end up looking even looser, if you get your fingers through the hair, to make them look a bit disorganized. Celebrities loved this hairstyle and we cannot deny that it is not cute. So we hope to see it in the future as well.

Beachy Waves

11. Side Braid

Hairstyles with braids were quite common this year, just because they are so versatile. But, the best part is that these braids were worn not in a traditional way, as they appeared reinvented. The side braid hairstyle is just one example of how braids can enrich a hairstyle and make it look special. It will definitely turn a dull or ordinary hairstyle into something special. Such a hairstyle is not hard to be made and the braid can be performed in very many ways. If you opt for it, you won’t feel sorry, because you will attract a lot of attention on you. Not to mention that it is extremely feminine.

Side Braid

12. Ombre Waves

The waves plus ombre is for sure a winning option. The ombre hairstyle has been as popular as the highlights this year, so many women looking for some special effects in their hair. Ombres look great on straight hair, but they look even more stunning on waves. In fact, if you have the two, you don’t need anything else. It is already considered to be a hairstyle and we like it a lot. It is no wonder it become so popular, being adopted by many celebrities as well. It looks well on almost anyone, especially if the upper half is a few shades darker.

Ombre Waves

So it is easy to see that 2016 brought us a lot of beautiful hairstyle, these 12 being just a couple of examples of what the year meant at this chapter. We are looking forward to see what 2017 is going to bring us, while we still enjoy some of the most popular hairstyles and haircuts of the year that is about to end. Whether you are looking to make a major change in the coming year or you are just curious about the new trends when it comes to hairstyles, we have a good feeling that there will be something for each of us.

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