New Year, New Haircut


They say New Year, New You – but why change yourself when you’re already happy with who you are. Instead, get to working on that ‘do. When you’ve had one set hairstyle for a while, it can start to feel a little stale. So, now that you’ve seen the New Year in in style, let the New Year see you in style.

If you’re tempted to go for a sassy new style, but you’re not sure what to choose, these ideas should inspire you.

A Lob

The long bob or ‘lob’ has been a celeb favourite for a while now. But you had to agree, it looks incredible. If you’ve got mid-length hair and you’re desperate for a change, or it’s super long and you’re tired of it, opt for the lob. With a lob, you look both stylish and sophisticated.

lob hairstyle

It’s a blendable hairstyle and will suit a lot of hair types and ages. It also looks incredible chic curled too, making the lob a winner all round.


If you’ve got shorter hair or you’re desperate for it to grow, why not get yourself some hair extensions? Whether you choose for clips-ins or a sow-in weave, you can find extensions that suit both your hair type and it’s colour.

Hair extension hairstyles

A weave will be great if you want instant long hair, all day every day. But if you want the option of going without, clips-in will work too.

Pixie Crop

Maybe you’re hair is long and it’s always been long. If it’s starting to feel a little limp and lifeless, inject a whole lot of excitement into your style with a daring pixie crop.

Pixie Crop hairstyles

If there’s ever a time to style short hair, it’s now. Talk to your hairdresser about your options, as super short styles aren’t for everyone and the crop might not suit your structure.

A Wig

And then you’ve always got the option to switch it up, Kylie style. Celebs are wearing wigs more and more. They’re the easiest way to sass up your hairstyle without even changing it.


You can choose from a wealth of colours and styles – you could even get one for every day of the week.

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