Top Tricks for Thin Hair


Although it gives us access to funny memes, celebrity style, and to our friends around the world, the internet can also have it’s flaws. When you have thin hair, you can start to feel completely over seeing images of thick, long, glossy manes everywhere. As the saying goes, you’ll always want what you can’t have. But, when it comes to having thick hair, it might be easier to achieve than you think.

Thinning and hair loss is something some of us will deal with at one stage or another, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. If you want to add a little body to your hair, get it growing, or fake it a little, these top tricks might just save your style.

Encourage Growth

The first thing you can do for your thin hair is to work on growing it. It sounds like it’s easier said than done, and that might be true, but you can make it work. Aside from working on your diet and ensuring that you’re getting in the right nutrients to encourage hair growth, you can also use a product like Nioxin Diaboost to help you along. But you also have to learn to be patient and to help your hair grow in a few other ways.

Give It A Rest

If you spend a lot of timing using heat products like blow driers, straighteners, or curlers, then you might need to take a break from using them. Yes heat protection products will help you, but there’s no better cure than not using them in the first place. If you have naturally thin hair, you want to make sure that you’re not breaking what you have! Instead, you want to try and nourish the hair you do have, and do what you can to give off an illusion of having thicker hair.

Give It A Boost

And then, you’re going to want to work on helping your hair along by faking it! There are a range of products, like the TIGI Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo & Conditioner, that can help you to add volume and body. Depending on how you like to style your hair, you might also want to take a look at the different styling products you can use to create thicker looking hair.

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