5 Steps For Perfect Spring Haircare Prep


It’s official, spring feels like it’s finally here – and who doesn’t love that? And, with the promise of a new season that brings a new lease of life into our lives, it’s time to shake up your haircare routine!

In winter, we get used to dry skin and even dryer hair. But now that spring has finally sprung, we can focus on getting that moisture back. Haircare prep is fun at the best of times, but it comes alive in spring. Whether you’re looking to get your hair back into shape for summer, or you have a few spring events coming up, these five steps should make it all the more easier.

1. Wait A While

First up, you’re going to want to learn to wait a little while. Yes, greasy hair is gross, but overwashing your hair can do it a serious injustice. Pick yourself a kind and caring shampoo, then try to skip a day here and there. It will make a world of difference in your overall hair health.

2. Moisture Surge

Then, you’re going to want to focus on getting as much moisture back into your hair as you can. Because winter sucks – no, it literally sucks all of the life out of your hair. Yuk! Treat your locks to a luscious mask once a week and you’ll soon see it sparkle and shine.

3. Blow It Off

Blow dried hair can look incredible, but it can also crisp your ends. If you care about your hair health this spring, then blow it off. Seriously, give your blow drier a break and let your hair dry naturally for a change. You’ll soon get your bounce back.

4. Get Some Gloss

So we have sparkle and shine, and a bit of bounce, but now we’re in need of some serious gloss. For the glossy girl look, you’re going to want to use a little of Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Mirror Smooth High Gloss Primer. It’s all about smoothing and hydrating, protecting and perfecting, and isn’t that all of the hair goals?

5. Go For It

And finally, with it being spring, you’re going to want to book in for your first spring trim. Whether you play it safe and stick to a trim, or go a little wild and follow the latest trends, drop those dead ends and rock your new ‘do in style this spring.

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