The Best ‘Boss It’ Hairstyles To Style For Work


When it comes to work, it’s so easy to get a little uninspired in the style and beauty department from time to time. But don’t feel bad, because we all do it. Whether you have to wear your hair up as apart of your uniform, or tend to go with the bedhead look far too much, it’s time to bag yourself a new ‘Boss It’ hairstyle.

Wearing your hair in a certain way can be a major confidence boost. It can also be a part of your go-to armour for feeling like the girlboss you are, so why not pick a style that says all that and more? With one of these hairstyles, you’re sure to not only look the part at work, but feel it too.

The ‘I Got This’ Pony

Sometimes, a girl just has to pull all of her hair up into a high pony and wear it proudly. It gives off a huge professional vibe. So if you want to work for that raise, rock it high. Slick it back to made it more modern, or mess it up to feel more relaxed to suit your mood.

The Customer Service Curls

Curls are a daily go-to for some, but if you tend to wear it straight, you might want to think about heading over to the wild side for work. Curls are cute, but they’re also ultra soft and give off friendly vibes – giving you the perfect hairstyle to help you woo your customers and wow your colleagues.

The Serious Long & Straight

When you mean business, you want to look like you do too. Some will say that straight hair is plain and boring, but more fool them. Super sleek and straight hair is oh so sophisticated and sassy too. If you want to show your workplace that you’re serious, say it with straight locks.

The Playful Plait

Work doesn’t have to be dull, sometimes, it can be the best of fun. Maybe you work in a creative industry, or even for yourself? Chances are, you get to play around with your hairstyles a whole lot more than in a corporate job. So much so, that plaits might be the ‘do of choice for you. Whether you go french or fishtail, make sure you keep it fun!

The ‘I Mean Business’ Bun

And then sometimes, you want to talk straight work and nothing else. If you don’t want your looks to be a distraction, but you still want to feel good, then a bun is the best option for you. But however you style it, do it big, loud, and proud, because that’s your girlboss prerogative.

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