Friday Night Hair Tips


We’re finally over the hump and approaching the weekend, so what else is on our minds but Friday night lights, exotic cocktails, cute outfits, and the ‘dos that go with them. On a Thursday, the only thing that get’s us through is our weekend prep, right girls?

With just over 24 hours left to go, it’s time to get ourselves in gear. If we’re going to get the locks that last and style out the ‘do of our dreams, it’s time to plan, prepare, and play around with the Friday night hairstyles we’re dying to try.

Get Inspired

You’re bored on your lunch break and you’ve still not decided on the perfect style to match your new dress. Don’t panic, just use your hour wisely. Plan, style, and perfect your way through you lunch hour with a little online inspiration a la Tumblr or Pinterest. Once you’ve found a style that will set your look off right, race home to practice if the occasion calls for it.

Perfectly Prepare

With a firm favourite in mind, your hair now needs prep. Whether you’ve nailed your up ‘do practice run, or your new curlers have worked a treat, your hair will need a little TLC before the big night. Thursdays should now become your hair mask night. Try something with a big boost of keratin, like the Wella SP Luxe Oil Treatment to make sure your hair is smooth and sleek for Friday night. Then, get your beauty sleep.

The Bigger The Better

Now that the big day is finally here, it’s time to keep your prep up if you can. If you’re your own girlboss, have a day off, or have a boss that appreciates prep, make sure you get your rollers in for a good few hours before you need to style. The more volume you can get here, the better, it’ll make styling easier and the finish look extra sassy.

Style And Hold

When you’re ready to style, it’s time to get strong. Whether you opt for a super straight style, girly curls, or a fierce up do, you need all the hold you can get. And nothing comes close to the holding power of TIGI Bed Head’s Hard Head Hard Hold Hairspray. Fix with a little of this, and you’ll be ready to rock out your locks until Monday morning!

Happy Hair Prep Girls!

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