Denim Dye Hair Inspiration


As the seasons pass, the hair industry sees its fair share of exciting trends. Whether rockabilly curls are back, or the pixie crop is in, one thing’s for sure – nothing quite beats the creativity of colour.

Denim Hair Inspiration

Even if natural locks are more your thing, there’s a good chance this one will inspire you. Enter Denim Dye Hair. In a range of washes, from cool baby blue stonewash, to deep indigo and rich midnight ink, this style has something for even the most conservative of girls.

The Trend

Percy and Reed’s Adam Reed leads the way with his three signature styles; stonewash, indigo, and midnight ink. Gorgeous in their own way, each colour has its own vibe, and will work in its own different way.

Denim Hair Inspiration

If you want something pastel and pretty, stonewash is your style. For a warm, deep blue to decorate your locks, indigo is your go-to. And for the big and the bold, midnight ink is your perfect match.

How To Achieve It

Get the look with an injection of blue hair dye. Heading to your favourite salon might be the best choice if you’re looking for a full head of creative colour, but if you’re skilled with hair and fancy giving it a go, you’ve got plenty of options for achieving denim dye hair at home.

Denim Hair Inspiration

For something you can wash right out, the Label.M Powder Blue Spray can give you a colour pop in an instant. To get at least two washes of colour, the L’Oreal Professional Hairchalk is a must-have choice and will be perfect for festivals over the summer. And for something that will last up to 30 washes, the Fudge Paintbox Extreme Blue Velvet is the one for you.

How To Style It

When you’ve got your streak of blue, or a full head of denim, you’re going to want to style. As much as a straight or curly style can look great, your new locks call for something fun and exciting. If you want that lusted-after style for your pastel hair, a fishtail braid will make you stand out from the crowd and be fun to create.

Denim Hair Inspiration

Regardless of the style your choose, denim dye hair is sure to give your hair the new lease of life it’s been looking for and give you the perfect new look for summer.

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