Up Your Ponytail Game


What was once that silly little thing we all had to sport for school is now a super sassy hairstyle that the stars never get wrong. All hail the ponytail.

When you’re having a bad hair day, wear a ponytail. When you want to kick back and relax, wear a ponytail. When you need to look like a #girlboss and be your most confident self, wear a ponytail. There’s nothing a ponytail can’t champion. But, are you doing yours justice?

Gone are the days where pulling your hair back was basic. Now, wearing your hair in a ponytail is not just high fashion, it’s sophisticated, sleek, and sweet all at the same time. So get on board and up your ponytail game with one of these styles.

Slick It Back

Slick Ponytail
Kardashian style ponies are all the rage. When you want to look like a badass version of yourself, slick it back. Using a styling product like the Paul Mitchell Super Sculpt Styling Glaze, make sure your hair goes back super tight and sleek, using the glaze to hold it in place. Then, fix the pony in place with your tie of choice and watch it stay in its sassy place from morning ’til night.

Braid The Crown

Crown Braid Ponytail
Want to add cute summer vibes to your ponytail? Then add in your own little braided crown. When you want to go for a sweeter look, loosen up some of the strands, mess up the braid, and even let strands fall loose to give you a super girly style.

Go Super Long

Long Ponytail
Small fountain style ponies always look cute, but when you want to up your game, you need to go long. And so what if you’ve not got the natural locks to make it happen? That’s what ponytail hair pieces are for. Just pick out your perfect style, length, and shape, get a colour match, and go. You’ll be swooshing your way to sassier locks in no time.

Wrap It Around

Wrap around ponytail
If you want to achieve a super natural look, you’re going to want to go with the wrap around. Sometimes, your hair fixture of choice can look a little rough – especially if it does’t blend well. But, you can easily combat that by taking a small piece of your hair from the ponytail, wrapping around the fixture, and securing it in place with a clip. Et voilà, classy and fabulous.

Make It Wild

Messy Ponytail
Or maybe you want to go big, bold, and beautiful? When that’s the case, you’re going to need to get wild. With your curling tong, start to curl pieces of hair – the bigger the curl the better. Then, you’re going to want to start backcombing to create a wilder look. Roughly pull everything back and fix into a ponytail. Then, spray it in place and your fierce look will be finished.

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