How to Handle Oily Hair


How well do you really know your hair? You might think that you and your locks are BFFs, but you might be surprised to find out that you don’t really know your hair all that well at all.

Just like our skin, our hair has a ‘type’. It can be dry, damaged, frizz-prone, and oily. And again, as we do with our skincare routines, we then need to work with our hair type in order to keep it under control.

Everyone will have their opinions on which type is the hardest to handle, but we can all admit, oily hair can be a curse. From looking and feeling greasy to getting it to do just about nothing that you need it to, oily hair can be a lot of hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. You can control it, you just have to know how.

Choose Products Wisely

The very first thing that’s going to help you here, is using the right products. Each hair product has its benefits, some will work wonders for your hair, while others will work against it. So if you want to do everything you can for your grease-prone locks, you need the right products to keep that oil at bay. Oily hair shampoos should be the number one product in your arsenal here, because you need to wash away that excess oil and keep your hair feeling fresh.

Wash Less

But you also need to slow down on your washing schedule. With oily hair, the more you wash, the more the oil will come back. So instead, take a break. If you get too greasy between washes, turn to dry shampoo. Before long, you should notice that your oil production starts to slow down.

Only Condition The Ends

Some people condition the full length of their hair including the roots, while others like to do just the ends alone. It’s often down to personal preference. But, when you have oily hair, you’re going to want to condition the ends only. Using something super-rich to keep your ends in shape, like Paul Mitchell’s The Detangler, you’ll still have healthy hair, but can keep your roots grease-free.

Avoid Touching Too Much

If you brush your hair too much, then you’re probably not helping yourself. It’s the same with too much touch. The more you play with your hair, the greasier it will get. So, if you can, try to brush it when it’s washed, and leave it be. It will work in your best interest – promise!

Go For Volume

When your hair is prone to getting greasy, going for straight locks is a big no-no. Your hair will only look worse. Instead, you need to find ALL of the volume. Investing in a few volume products to keep your hair big and beautiful, and you should find that the excess oil never cramps your style again.

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