Our Favourite February Hairstyles


Now that February’s here, we’re getting closer to seeing the last of winter and finally the start of spring. But in itself, this month its definitely harder to dress for. It’s still cold but you’re tired of sticking to the same old styles that you have throughout winter so far – and the same goes for your hair.

So, it’s time to shake things up a little. For February, we want hairstyles that are going to be easy to style but still make you feel put together. So say goodbye to your beloved top knots for a few weeks and welcome three easy to achieve, yet flawless looks.

High Pony

Up first is the high pony. If you prefer to wear your hair out of your face, then this one will be for you. But instead of scraping it back into a messy bun, this month you’re going to keep things smooth and sophisticated. And a high pony is all about sophistication. If you want to really go all out, you can add a little extra hair with a ponytail to the look too.

Center Parting

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to parting the hair. Some will be loyal side-parters, while others will flip is faster than Kim K changes her hair colour. But then there are those that love a centre parting. And that’s what February is all about for us. It’s a chic way to switch up your hair and gives you model-ready locks each morning. To keep things extra sassy, brush for a smooth and soft finish.

Romantic Curls

If you’re all about that softer finish, then you are going to love this one. Because a high pony is sleek, but it’s a harsh style too. So we’re definitely thinking about rocking a romantic curl or two throughout the month, just to balance things out. This means achieving the perfect curl and letting it drop for a more natural vibe.

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