On trend: the hair bun



Hair buns are very much on trend at the minute, with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Lauren Conrad being the first to sport the sophisticated style.

But have you wondered how they get the volume and the perfect shape? Introducing I&K Hair Doughnuts….

Hair doughnuts are the easiest way to achieve a stylish bun in minutes. They’re available in 3 sizes so you can have the bun as little or as large as you like and they are so simple to use.

Tie your hair in a ponytail at the height you would like your bun. Then put the pony tail through the doughnut so it sits at the base of the ponytail on your head. Part the hair in 3 sections over the doughnut and twist around until the doughnut is covered, tucking in any ends and secure with bobby pins.

Tip: If you want a messier style, try backcombing your ponytail first to give extra volume!

The I&K hair doughnuts are available in different sizes as well as colours (blonde, brunette and black). Shop hair doughnuts

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