Happy Hair


Today Dunya from Dearest Deer shows us her favourite products that help to keep her hair happy and healthy!

If you had asked me just 6 months ago what I do to keep my hair healthy I probably would have looked a little sheepish and mumbled something about ‘conditioner’ and ‘not much really…’. That’s because, with the thick and at times hard to manage head of hair on me, it can be a little tiring to think of what’s best for it and to remember to treat it with a little love and care. But, that was 6 months ago, not anymore!

dunya happy hair 3I’m fully converted to giving my hair the TLC it deserves, and that starts with the simple things – from using a good brush to style, straighten and tame hair, to a deep conditioning mask once a week. Believe it or not, I wasn’t big into either not so long ago, as I told myself the ‘slightly ruffled’ look was more my thing. Moroccanoil, available on Hairtrade, have the kind of products that can really tame my thick hair.

dunya happy hair 2And having used the deep conditioning mask once a week for the past few weeks, I can see that my hair is a lot less lifeless, with a nice shine on it which can only mean one thing- my hair is pretty happy! And I’m sure it likes me more because of it ; )



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