Choosing a Perfect Hair Brush for your Hair Type


Did you know that the brush you use can affect the way your hair looks? There is a reason why there are so many types of brushes out there, because each of them was designed to do a specific task. Now, according to what type of hair you have, like curly or straight, fine or think, and its length, you will have to find a hair brush that will be most efficient and comfortable for you. Whether you need a brush for daily maintenance or to help you style your hair easier, here is what you need to know to pick the right hair brush.

Paddle brushes or cushion brushes are perfect for daily grooming

If you have a long and straight hair the paddle brush will serve you well. It has a wide surface that will allow you to set your hair right in no time and with zero effort. The Fudge Large Paddle Brush is the perfect example. This brush has a handle that will allow a firm grip, while you direct the brush through your hair. The strategically placed bristles will make sure that even thick hair will be tamed and will look polished. This brush is efficient in detangling the hair, but without damaging it or breaking it, making it a reliable accessory for every woman that wishes to have a beautiful looking hair. In case you have medium length hair, with natural curling tendencies, you should know that a cushion brush with an oval shape will work best in this case, in comparison with the paddle brush.
Fudge Large Paddle Hair Brush


Boar bristles for all kind of curls

If you are a lucky woman with natural wavy hair or curls, the boar bristles will do wonders. Such a brush will detangle even thick and long hair with curls, offering it a nice natural shine and disciplined curls. If a regular brush failed to do its job as it should, do try out this type of brush, as you may find it a much more useful. Besides detangling, the boar bristle brush will help you with spreading the oils that are naturally produced by you scalp, from the roots and through the entire length of your hair, giving it a healthy shine and protection. Also, this one you may not know, do not hesitate to use the boar bristles to massage your scalp. Yes, it is perfect for stimulating your hair roots and can even remove the buildup of styling products. You may want to check out the Cloud Nine Round Boar Bristle Brush, perfect for an outstanding blowdry, without damaging your hair or creating a frizzy look. It has an anti-static property, making sure that the friction will not cause a chaotic appearance.
Cloud Nine Round Boar Bristle Hair Brush


Brushes for fast hair drying

Are you in a hurry and you need to get your hair dried as fast as possible? Well, you should know that vent brushes will help you do that. This type of brush is made in such a way to permit the free circulation of hot air through it. So you get to brush and blowdry at the same time, smoothing your hair and giving it a nicely finished look. It is much easier and faster than to dry your hair then style it afterward. You will save lots of time and be ready with it in no time. Also, if you like using round brushes, you should know that paddle vent brushes will do the job much faster for those moments in which time is scarce, because they are much easier to use. There is one brush that deserves your attention, even if it is not a regular vent paddle brush. The Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Half Paddle Brush does not have vents, but it has teeth that will absorb water from your hair, helping you drying faster. So if you like something innovative, this brush has what you need to help your hair look full of volume, dried in an instance and with a beautiful shine. It will also help you detangle your hair fast, without doing damage or being uncomfortable.
Tangle Teezer Blow Styling Half Paddle Hair Brush


Use reliable brushes when teasing your hair

Hair teasing does offer beautiful volume and shape to your hair, but if you don’t use the right products you can cause a lot of damage. When teasing, hair naturally puts on a degree of resistance, so many women end up damaging or breaking their hair. It is important to use a special teasing brush, instead of a comb you have lying around. Also, another useful tip would be to use a texturizing spray, instead of a fixing spray, because it creates less friction and less damaged hair. In case you have really stubborn hair and the texturizing spray won’t do the trick, a light fixing spray is best. If you are an active woman that likes looking perfect all the time, you will like the Tangle Teezer Compact Styler – Pink Kitty. It has an adorable design and a compact shape, perfect for your handbag. The removable cover protects the bristles so that they won’t accumulate dust and debris while transporting it around.
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler – Pink Kitty


So, you see, each brush has a particular purpose, helping you have a beautiful hair. If you pick the right brush for you, the damage to your hair will be minimal and you will love just how easy hair styling can be in between salon visits. If you couldn’t obtain the look you wanted with the brush you have, it is most likely that the brush was not made for what you need. Just take a look at these types of brushes and decide which one will give you the look you desire.

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