Looking After Your Clip In Hair Extensions


So you’ve got your clip-ins and you’re ready to go, but have you thought about how you’re going to look after them yet? If not, you better get started. Just like your own hair, you should treat your extensions with care. After all, many are made from real human hair, so they needed to be cared for in just the same way as the hair on your head.


If you’re not too sure on what you should be doing, we’ve pulled together a little list of the top tips for you to follow to get the most out of your clip-in hair extensions and keep them looking sassy for seasons to come.

1. Be Gentle

As the clips need to be attached to your real hair, you need to be careful when applying to make sure you don’t harm it as you wear them – but you also need to mind the hair as you go. By gently and carefully clipping the extensions in and out, without pulling on the bonds on clips, you’re giving your extensions the best chance at staying in tact and not breaking off. Just like you can loose hair on your hair, it can come away from the bonds if you’re not careful.

2. Stay Smooth

Just like you’d brush your natural hair to keep it smooth and tangle free, you need to do the same with your extensions. They can get tangled, knotted and matted, just like hair would if it’s not kept smooth. Make sure you use a Loop Brush that is purposely made to brush hair extensions with, in order to keep the hair smooth.

3. Style with Care

We all love to style our hair extensions. They look cute when curled or straightened, but just like heated tools can damage your hair, they can damage your hair extensions too. It may be too hard to not use heat at all, so try to keep the heat to a minimum with either low-heat tools or using them sparingly. Skipping days can help, especially if you keep your extensions smooth between heat styling.

4. Let them Breathe

It’s important not to wear your clip-in hair extensions all of the time. You should take them out to sleep and shower, making sure they’re stored safely when they’re not being warm. If you sleep with them in, there’s a high chance that they will tangle and even tear out – it’s the same with showering or even swimming. So be sure to give them a break as often as you can.

5. Keep them Clean

Just like you keep your extensions tangle free, you need to keep them clean. You may need to wash them less than your own hair, because the natural oils won’t get to them as easily – this could be up to every 5 times you wear them. Make sure you use a gentle shampoo, like Pureology’s Purify Shampoo. It’s sulfate free and will be kind to the hair, keeping the bonds in tact. Then, condition with something smoothing, hydrating and gentle, to keep the smooth. Once you’re done, let them air dry before re-wearing.

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