How To Colour Match Your Hair Extensions


We all love extensions. What could be better than transforming your locks into a Rapunzel like length without the years of waiting? But it isn’t always that easy.


Hair extensions are great to wear, whether you choose instant clips ins or more permanent bonds. But if you’re a newbie and you don’t know where to start, it can seem a little daunting. Aside from styles and lengths, you also have colour matching to deal with.

Luckily for us all, Hairtrade have made it so easy to shop with them. You might not know what colour of hair extensions to go with yet, but we can soon sort that out with a wide range of options to help get it done!

Extension Colour Samples

First of all, Hairtrade actually offers samples! So if you think you might know which colour suits your natural hair, you can order a hair extension colour sample, just like this one, to test it out.

That way, you’re not investing in something that isn’t quite right, because you get to compare it to your natural hair and make sure it matches.

Colour Rings

If you’re really not sure what colour you need or if you’re likely to change your hair colour often and opt for different shades of hair extensions, then a colour ring might be for you! Hairtrade’s I&K Human Hair Colour Ring comes with samples of the exact colours of hair extensions they stock.

32 of their most popular colours, from blacks and browns, blondes and brights, are included to make sure you know which shade is best for you.

Photo Colour Matching

Sometimes, you’re pretty sure on the colour you need, but it would be nice to know that a professional agrees too. Hairtrade can match the perfect colour of hair extensions for your with just a photo!

Simply log into your account online and you’ll easily spot the colour match service. Upload a photo of yourself and let Hairtrade do the rest.

To make sure they’re able to get you the perfect match, just make sure that the photo you use clearly shows your hair. It’s also important to use a good quality photo with natural lighting so that Hairtrade can get the colour right.

Sample Colour Matching

If, for any reason, your photo can’t be colour matched, or you don’t have anything to upload, you can also colour match a sample of your hair.

All you need to do is send a small sample of your own hair to Hairtrade in the post and they can do the rest!

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