Must-Have December Hair Products


December means even colder weather, but also the coming of the winter holiday. During this period, we want our hair to look amazing, but also remain healthy. This month of the year is probably the month when we style our even more often than normal due to Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. Thus, here are some products that will make this period easier for your hair and keep it looking gorgeous.

Fudge Hot Hed

As mentioned before, probably your hair will be subjected to a lot of styling during December. You will want it to look outstanding for every occasion that comes around, blow drying it, straightening it, or even curling it. This means that you need serious heat protection that will keep your hair on the safe side.

But what if heat protection could be combined with a mousse that will make your hair look spectacular?

Fudge Hot Hed

Fudge Hot Hed is a product that will help you do both. It is a mousse that should be applied on damp hair, before styling it, as it will help you shape it in a safe manner while adding shine and texture to your hair. It is impossible to fail with such a product.

Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal

Because you worked so hard to get your hairstyle done, it would be disappointing to see it get ruined in moist and cold weather. You need something to keep your hair in place, regardless of the style you’ve chosen for the day. If the hairspray can also keep frizzes away and add extra shine to your hair, everything will be even better.

Sexy Hair Smooth Seal

Sexy Hair Straight Smooth and Seal Aerated Anti-Frizz and Shine Spray will do everything you need. Once sprayed on the hair, it will create a shield that prevents humidity from creating unwanted frizzes. It also closes the hair’s cuticle, making the hair looking shiny, and preventing UV damaged to the hair.

The best part is that you can use this product on hair extensions and on chemically straightened hair. It’s definitely something that should be part of your hair arsenal this winter.

Wella SP Color Save Mask

When the winter holidays approach, many women wish to try something different when it comes to their hair, like a new colour or maybe some highlights. But once our hair has been treated to a new colour we have to do our best to protect it.

Because we wash our hair rather often, shampoos have the tendency to fade the colour. If you want to enjoy a beautiful new colour as much as possible or at least until your next visit to the salon you need to use an adequate product for colour protection.

Wella SP Color Save Mask

The Wella SP Color Save Mask is specially designed to protect coloured hair. You just need to apply it on your wet hair after you’ve shampoo it, and let is act for 5 minutes. Then rinse your hair and style it as you please. The mask will prolong the life of your hair’s colour, even if you only have highlights in your hair. The colour will remain fresh and it will not shift into undesirable shades.

Redken Diamond Oil Mask

If we want to enjoy healthy and shiny hair not only during December, but also during the entire winter, we need a product that will protect and nourish the hair.

Products that have their composition based on natural oils are the best, because they have the best level of hydration and make the hair smooth like no other.

Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets Mask

Redken Diamond Oil Deep Facets Mask has coriander, camelina, and apricot oils in its composition to restore the hydration balance in your hair. It was designed for dull and damaged hair, but in December and during the entire winter, all hair can benefit from such a nourishing treatment as it will condition the hair and offer it the strength and health it needs.

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