3 Must Have Styling Products for Curly Hair


Curly girls, life can be cruel when it comes to your hair – right? Not only is it a time consuming nightmare to dry your hair whenever you brave washing it, but weather conditions can really play with your good hair day vibes.

And let’s not get started on the idea of trying new and unknown products – crazy frizz-inducing reactions are definitely a no-no.

But, lucky for those of us blessed with a bit of bounce in our locks, not all hair disasters have to be ours. Enter the hair products to work with right now. Not only do they do all kinds of favours for curls, they’ll soon become your hair saviours.

The Right Shampoo

First of all, you have to start with the right shampoo. Say you’re using something that’s meant to give you body, or even sleek and smooth locks, are either going to give you the curls of your dreams? Getting extra body isn’t always best for curls, and aiming for a ‘sleek’ style will just flatten them. Instead, you need a shampoo and conditioner combo that’s made to fight off the frizz and set your curls off right. Simple.

A Good Treatment

Then, it’s time to talk treatments. And not the expensive in-salon kind, the cool at-home, easy to use kind. After all, all hair needs caring for – deep conditioning and all that jazz. But when it comes to curls, they need a little something extra. Curly hair is prone to frizz and can be naturally quite dry. So, you’re going to need to use an insanely cool treatment oil that can tame your curls and ensure they shine.

And A Little Bit Of Luck

And finally, you need the right styling product to keep your hair in check. With a strong washing game, followed by a whole load of oil, a little luck won’t go amiss – but a bit of product will be a little better. Something like Foxy Curls that smooths and defrizzes, softens and shines should give you the perfect finishing touch. And when you’ve got your new routine down, you’ll definitely notice a difference in curl quality.

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