Hair Extensions for Thin Hair


If there was a fairy hair godmother that could grant you one wish, what would it be? For many, it’s always going to be to be able to have lusciously thick and healthy locks for life. Because we can all change the colour and condition of our hair, but you can’t always change what you were born with in terms of its density. But, you can work to make it better.

If you’re someone that has naturally thin hair, it may drive you crazy. As much as those lucky thick-haired lasses might like to complain about how unmanageable their tresses are, you’d take them any day over the limp locks that you’ve got. So much so that you may want to turn to hair extensions for a little help.

Extensions can be great for giving you volume and thickening out what you’ve got, not just giving you extra length. If your hair is super thin, here are three different ways you can achieve thicker looking hair with hair extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you’re new to using hair extensions, then you may want to ease yourself in. When you’re finding your feet with the kind of looks that are going to work best for you, clip in hair extensions are perfect. You can pop them in when you need the volume, but still take them out when you sleep or shower. They’re a quick and convenient tool to help thicken up your hair.

Wefts & Weaves

But as easy as clip-ins are to use, when you want a more permanent look, it can become tedious to clip them in and out every day. So don’t. Work with a weft or weave style of extensions instead. With human hair weaves, you can bond the extensions to your natural hair using glue, rings, or loops. Your hair will then be permanently thicker, and you won’t have to clip your newly found look in every morning.

Double Up

However, you may also realise that the amount of hair you’re working with just isn’t enough. When that’s the case, you’re going to want to double up. Because using two packs of hair like the Fab Remy Hair Twin Pack offers is a great way to go. You’ll get double the amount of hair to get as much volume as you need.

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