American Crew Hair Recovery Foam (150ml)

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Hair Recovery Foam is the latest addition to the American Crew Trichology Hair Recovery System. It's a new option to the concentrate or patch, giving men another way to get the thicker, fuller, stronger hair. It’s light and effective thanks to our unique formula. Hops, swertia japonica, rosemary and silica work with carefully selected vitamins and minerals to restore hair and add volume.

Features: Increases hair shaft density, prolongs hair life, fuller, thicker, stronger hair.

Prepare the scalp by shampooing with Trichology Hair Recovery Shampoo. This will allow the scalp to make sure it’s ready to absorb the Foam's active ingredients. Shake the bottle and then press the diffuser with the bottle upside down to dispense a tablespoon of foam into the palm of your hand. Massage it in, concentrating on critical areas like the temples or crown. No need to rinse. Style hair as usual.

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