Caring for Vibrant Hair


Since recently doing my hair a bright red ombre, I have had to find new ways of caring for it to make sure it still looks happy and healthy. Today I’m sharing my tips and favourite products to use on my hair when it is either wet or dry.


In the shower I just use any colour protecting shampoo and I wash it through twice to ensure my hair is nice and clean which will also mean you can go longer between washing. I then like to use the Fudge colour lock conditioner and really concentrate it one the ends where my hair is coloured and then rinse it through with cool water as it tells you to. This product not only revives the colour and condition but also smells absolutely amazing and I really enjoy using it!


Once I am out of the shower and have towel dried my hair and brush it through with a large detangling comb starting from the tips and working up to the roots to ensure that there are no breakages. I squeeze a bit of the Fudge ‘Hot head styling whip’ into my hands. This is a holding mousse which means your hair will be really easy to style afterwards even though it is freshly washed. It also has a heat protector in it so you won’t have to worry about putting any of that on after. It also smells great which seems to be a common them with Fudge products.


So on second or third day hair, I like to just brush through my hair and use a little bit of dry shampoo in the roots to make it look as good as it did when it was first washed.

The first thing I do is brush through my hair starting from the tips of my hair and work gradually up to the roots. The Fudge paddle brush is perfect for this as it’s really gentle on your hair and is perfect if you have long or thick hair like me as it just glides through with ease and gets rid of all the tangles in your hair.


Then just to freshen up my hair, I like to spray the Sexy hair Big volumizing dry shampoo just to freshen up the roots and create lots of volume in my hair. I am a big fan of big hair and because my own hair is quite thick, I often find it difficult to find a product that actually works but this one does and it works really well. The can is also a really nice size to throw in your handbag or to take out with you when you’re travelling just to spruce up your hair throughout the day.

Then sometimes if my hair is feeling a little dry, I just run a little bit of leave in conditioner through the ends of my hair which will make your hair feel sleeker and smoother.



Guest Blogger: This week fashion blogger @aimeemcguire99 shows us how to care for vibrant hair.

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