5 Key Trends from London Fashion Week for Autumn 2016


London Fashion Week just wrapped up and, as usual, it was an impressive and inspiring event which highlighted some hot new trends. The designers who displayed their creations at this fast-paced and creative special event really pushed the envelope.

These fashion visionaries have experimented with silhouettes, colour and fabric in order to offer women something new and interesting. As well, they made sure that makeup and hairstyles were also fresh and flattering.

To help you learn about the 5 key trends from London Fashion Week for Autumn 2016, we’ve created a comprehensive guide.

Once you’ve learned what these British designers believe in, you’ll be primed to be on the cutting edge of fashion next fall…


1. Floral Prints Were Everywhere

If you adore floral prints which recall the beauty of a traditional English garden, you’ll love learning about the floral prints which appeared on the London runways during Fashion Week. Fashion Week ran from February 19th to February 23rd, 2016 and it showcased florals which were classical and romantic in feel.

Floral Prints

A trio of design companies pushed the floral look (Christopher Kane, Mother of Pearl and Osman). The pieces, such as long dresses worn over trousers and floaty, short shifts, which these design firms sent down the catwalks prove that floral prints are suitable for all seasons, rather than the warm-weather months alone.


2. Nordic Influences Were Strong

Shows like The Vikings have awakened new interest in Nordic traditions and Nordic influences were prevalent on the runways during London Fashion Week. Designer Peter Pilotto showcased traditional Nordic patterns on his elegant, thin-knit sweaters, which were tucked into luxurious satin evening skirts. Long, floaty dresses adorned with Nordic patterns were also featured.

Nordic Influences

The overall effect is actually somewhat modern, with a strong retro spin. The sweaters are surprisingly wearable, the dresses are delightfully unique and their graphic patterns are clean and fresh.


3. Rectangular Necklines

Some of the hottest fashion companies in Britain have earned worldwide success due to their fashion-forward approach. Burberry and Topshop Unique are two examples and both companies believe in the rectangular neckline for Autumn 2016. We’re all used to seeing deep-v necklines, so seeing rectangular shapes, such as cut-outs, on necklines is very refreshing indeed.

Rectangular Necklines
It’s a graphical new look which is really sexy, without being so obviously provocative. Rectangular necklines are revealing, while still being very chic.


4. Headscarves/Granny Chic

Headscarves and other forms of headwear were spotted on the runways. In particular, headscarves were hot as “granny chic” is another trend worldwide. However, no one wears a headscarf or headwear all of the time. So, let’s talk about hair trends from the runway and how to get these new looks on your own! Wait ’til Autumn 2016 in order to try them out or stay far ahead of the fashion curve by giving these new looks a shot right now!

Granny Chic


5. Disheveled Hairstyles and Retro Makeup

Part of granny chic is disheveled hair which is carefully messy. This studied messiness results in a tousled look with lots of curls and twists! It’s about a retro style which looks as though it was achieved with a set of rollers, rather than modern styling tools. Of course, you can cheat and use a curling iron in order to make specific sections curly and twisty.

In order to help your hair hold its shape during hair styling, consider using Clynol Twist Curl Cream. It’ll save you so much time as you style and it will define your curls and twists to perfection. Seal in the “granny chic” look with a misting of high-quality hairspray, such as Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Super Spray.

Of course, healthy hair is the foundation of any runway-ready style, so be sure to wash with a world-class shampoo (Paul Mitchell Shampoo One) before you go for the “granny chic” look. Then, air-dry or blow-dry your hair before you add the twists and curls.

Add granny chic style with a bright lipstick, powdered nose and vintage eyeglasses or sunglasses. The headscarf is ok for the runway, but may look a bit too aging for every day. So, do your hair and consider the headscarf optional!

Get the London Look Today

Now that you’ve discovered a handful of hot trends from London Fashion Week AW16, you’ll be ready to get hot new looks. Understanding high fashion trends is the key to spotting the most fashionable new things as soon as they trickle down to the streets. While most people can’t afford to buy high fashion regularly, or at all, fashion week trends definitely make their way into local malls and boutiques.

You don’t need to wait for autumn 2016 in order to embrace these trends. Trendsetters will be incorporating runway looks from London Fashion Week into their wardrobes right away, although they won’t have access to the designs shown on the runways. By fall, you should be able to get the clothes that we’ve talked about here.

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