Label.m Diamond Dust Shampoo & Conditioner Review


When it comes to the warmer months of the year, one thing we’re always on the hunt for is healthier hair, right?

There’s just something about the cold of the winter months that leave us feeling deflated. That, combined with a serious loss of moisture in our hair, doesn’t leave the prospects of a strong beauty regime looking all that great…

But, now that Spring has officially started, isn’t it about time we all invested in a few new products to turn that all around?

With the addition of Label.M’s Diamond Dust collection on site, Hairtrade is definitely the place to start. Focusing on the infusion of diamonds (yes, real diamonds), the collection is the perfect way to bring a new lease of life to your locks.

Some of the great staples in the collection are the Label.M Diamond Dust Shampoo and the Label.M Diamond Dust Conditioner. Both contain Label.M’s exclusive Micro-Diamond complex that consists of black diamonds, white diamonds, pearl dust, champagne and rose petal oil. When working together, the complex nourishes the hair to leave it silky soft – exactly what we’re all looking for.

Label.m Diamond Dust

Not only does the complex work to create a smooth finish, but the lightweight formula is great for moisture and hydration for a great soft-touch.

I may have only started using both the shampoo and conditioner myself, but so far, I’m impressed. Not only do the duo feel amazing to use, but my hair feels nourished straight after one wash.

I always stuck to very simple, traditional shampoo and conditioners that promise healthy hair, so this is a completely different experience for me. Regardless of that, I’m hooked. There’s nothing like the promise of ultra-shiny hair to get me interested, but it’s the results that have me sold!

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