Must Have November Hair Products


Unfortunately the weather is getting colder and wetter by the day, making our hair almost impossible to manage. For many women, the coming of the cold season results in a headache when it comes to taming their hair. It’s almost a mission impossible to get a decent hair style during the cold months of autumn and winter. This is why you need to stock your arsenal with products that will preserve the honour of your hair. Here’s a list of must have products you need during the month of November to keep your hair beautiful and tackle any challenges the weather will pose.

Make sure to nourish and soothe your scalp

Together with the coming of autumn, your hair will also start falling more, be more fragile, and your scalp will tend to get drier. This means that it will feel rather itchy and may even present traces of dandruff. These are signs of a dehydrated scalp that needs some attention. You will need a treatment especially made for the scalp, which will soothe it while also promoting the growth of stronger hair.

Wella SP Balance Scalp Energy Serum

The Wella SP Balance Scalp Energy Serum is the treatment you need to get your scalp ready to face the cold days. It will help you reduce any hair loss that occurs during this period, while diminishing symptoms like itchiness and sensitivity.

Keep split ends at a distance

Another severe effect the cold weather has on our hair is the presence of split ends. Because of the wind, cold temperatures, and the fact that our hair is constantly rubbing on our clothes, it becomes more fragile and prone to developing split ends, so you need something to guard the ends of your hair properly

TIGI Catwalk Hairista for Split End Repair

TIGI Catwalk Hairista for Split End Repair will make sure that split ends are not something you will care about too much. It manages to keep a high percentage of your ends safe and sound, because its special formula will get through the cuticle, smoothing up the hair’s exterior layer and protecting it from any further damage.

Properly hydrate your hair once a week

Keeping the hair moisture in is quite a challenge when the weather outside is windy and cold. Also, the cold air is not allowing us to let our hair dry naturally, so we end up using hair dryers and other styling devices. These will take even more moisture out from your hair, so you will need to apply an intense hydrating mask once a week, which will help repair your hair and smoothening it out.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

It is made especially for dry and brittle hair, but on cold weather, any type of hair can benefit from the mask’s soothing effects. It will deeply nourish your hair, while offering an amazing conditioning effect. It will reconstruct the structure of your hair, leaving it soft and shiny. And when you also know that it does not contain parabens and other harmful chemicals, you know that you made a great deal purchasing it.

High humidity can cause a lot of trouble

An autumn month means also a lot of rain, and that translates into air that is charged with water particles. No wonder your hair never sits in place, because such a moist air will cause frizzes in no time, in just a few minutes after stepping outside. After a few days of continuous rain, the air will be so wet that it will be enough to walk from your front door to your car to destroy a perfectly tamed and styled hair. So yes, frizzes are another unwanted side-effect of autumn’s arrival.

Sexy Hair Big Weatherproof Anti Humidity Spray

You need to have an ally like Sexy Hair Big Weatherproof Anti Humidity Spray. This spray is extremely easy to use and will offer efficient protection against high humidity. All you need to do is to pulverize it all over your hair, and it will keep your hair in place, even if you are not having a particular hair style. So, whether you decide to style it or just dry it, apply the spray on the finished dry hair and it will work like wonder.

You will also need some heat protection

As mentioned earlier, since it is colder outside, we will all use the hair drier more often. Also, in order to fight the bad weather, the curling iron or hair straightener will be on our options list as well. But, this means that until spring, our hair will be completely damaged and dried. Well, not if you use adequate heat protection. It is perfectly understandable if you can’t let your hair dry on its own, due to the low temperatures, but do apply some protection on your hair before drying it with the hair drier, because the cold season is a long one. If you want to avoid coarse and dry hair, with split ends, heat protection is more than welcome.

Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment

You will love Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment, because it is much more than just a heat protection treatment. It softens the hair and makes it easier to detangle. It has UV filters and protects the color of your hair. It minimizes frizzes, prevents split ends from appearing, and makes it silky smooth, to name just a few.

So yes, it can be quite a challenge to keep your hair safe in front of cold and wet weather, but it is not impossible. All you need are products that will keep it protected until the weather gets warmer. After all, you wouldn’t want to cut your hair just because autumn is here. Just check out these must-have products for November and see what you need for a beautiful hair.

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