Chic Hair for the Cold Weather


Brrr, brrr, baby! There’s a definite chill in the air right now, and we all know that’s never good news for your hair. Dry ends and lifeless roots? No thank you! Hat hair with no chance of shine? We’ll pass! Winter, you might be fun when you shower us in snow, but when it comes to beauty, we’re not your biggest fan.

But as angry as you at at the bad weather, you still have to survive it. And the best way to do that, is always with a classic helping of all things chic. Chic hair in winter is just about the only way we can make it through to spring. So if you’re left feeling deflated and uninspired with your hairstyles, here’s how to warm things up this winter.

Cover Yourself In Curls

First up, you’re going to want to get curl crazy. As girls, we all love curls. Big, bouncy, and beautiful locks are all we ever ask for. Wavy and wonderful beach-like tresses to remind us that there’s better yet to come – and even brushed-out sweet curls to soften your chosen style; nothing can beat a classic curl.

And best of all? Big hair can keep you warm! So girls, get your rollers out and go to town! The bigger the better. If you’re going to keep cosy and beat lifeless locks, you need crazy curls that can last for days, and a good old-fashioned root lift too.

Go Chic & Sleek

If you’re a regular curl wearer and you’re looking to shake up your style, why not think about keeping it chic and sleek? We all know that the winter weather can bring out the frizz in your fine hair, but you can beat it by slicking everything back.

Give your locks and healthy dose of Paul Mitchell’s Gloss Drops for a super shine injection, and slick it back. Fix high up on top of your head or super low at the nape of your neck. And stick to our number one rule – no bumps! Then, secure in place with a shot of TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece – the best smelling maximum hold spray there is!

Fake It

Or are your locks really not ready to play ball? Well, if they’ve given up on you, it’s time you gave up on them too. Just fake it instead. When you want to shake up your look and work with something that’s completely customisable, hairpieces are exactly what you want!

Always fancied trying a fringe? Well why not make this winter the time to do it. With a Clip In Human Hair Fringe, your neck look is ready to rock. Or maybe you want to get quick length and style all in one go? Then a Fishtail Plait piece is perfect for you. And just like that, your hair has been given a new lease of life!

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