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“The key to creating a flawless, natural-looking fresh face is getting the basics right” says Daniel Sandler

Get the best out of your makeup by preparing your skin first with this face primer SPF 20. It's colourless, weightless, light reflecting oil-free serum gel. Helps counteract imperfections while giving your foundation a fault-free base

The Problem...Fine lines and wrinkles need smoothing out, makeup slides, eye shadows crease, lipsticks come off easily, skin tone looks uneven, pores look enlarged.

The Solution...Fine lines are filled in and skin appears smoother, makeup lasts longer as the face primer acts as a makeup magnet, eye shadows and lipsticks go on more easily and last longer, lips look smoother and younger, pores are filled in and high colour is toned down. Transparent product (no colour) suitable for all skin tones, non-comodogenic

Directions for use:
Apply it on top of skincare and before makeup application. You only need a small pea sized amount on any area using your finger to apply

Daniel suggests: Zone it onto clean, bare eye lids so eye shadows last longer then apply to lips before lipstick, pencil or gloss to lock in lip colour and give lips a smoother, younger finish.

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