DS Laboratories Spectral F7 Effiicacy Booster Agent (60ml)

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Now men and women in treatment for thinning hair can add astressin-B — a peptide currently in the news — to maximize hair-growth results, because Spectral.F7 is the first topical solution to incorporate the innovation.

While other brands are just starting research, DS Laboratories has an astressin-B topical booster on the market today. It augments primary hair-follicle therapies, such as Spectral.DNC, and it serves as a stand-alone treatment in the early stages of thinning.

Spectral F7 is the first hair treatment to incorporate astressin-B, a peptide that is very long and complex, with a 30+ amino-acid sequence, and includes a cyclo-lactam bridge. Astressin-B contains some unusual amio acids, and unlike virtually all peptides in cosmetic use, it is particularly difficult to synthesize. This advancement in the art and science of hair solidifies DS Labortatores’ reputation for developing cutting-edge technologies and bringing them to customers first.

Key advantages of Spectral.RS:
A totally new mechanism to stimulate hair follicles.
May induce follicles into anagen growth phase.Stress-blocking peptide astressin-B

Use of the booster is indicated to combat hair thinning and improve follicular health. It works through a unique mechanism of action, which may not be addressed by minoxidil, finasteride, or other hair-growth agents.

• Apply 10 sparys and massage it into the scalp after your regular morning treatment or before regular evening treatment
• Wait at least 10 minutes between products
• If used as a stand-alone therapy, use both in morning and evening

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