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I&K Clip in Body wave 4

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Clip-in set Structure

Model: #4 Clip in Body wave
I&K Clip in hair extensions are 100% real human hair extensions
I&K human hair extensions are made in a unique way, as each set is made by hand individually, and not cut from one weft. This gives the advantage of more hair being added to each of the clip in hair extension pieces, making the hair look much thicker. Each clip in hair extension piece has been designed to fit your to your head closely, making our clip in hair extensions look as natural as your own hair.

With this clip in hair extension set you will receive 10 clip in pieces with 18 clips attached, plus 2 pieces without clips. There is enough clip in pieces in one pack for your whole head. As it is made from 100% real human hair, it can be cut, coloured (use a test strip before colouring), straightened and curled.

With our clip in hair extensions the actual length is 2 inches longer, for example if you order 18 inches the full length of the extensions you will receive will be 20 inches. This is so you will not lose length if you have them cut in.

Our wavy hair is treated to be wavy and therefore not a permanent curl, the more the hair is washed and straightened the quicker the curls will drop out.

Product Information
  • Materials: Selected 100% real human hair and medium metal clips
  • Grade AAA 100% real human hair
  • Weight: 110g exclude the weight of 18 clips for 14 and 16 inch; 120g for 18; 130g for 22 inch
  • Full Length: Actual length is 2 inch longer. For example: full length is 20 inch for 18 inch hair

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Rosa Ely Brito Vassena

I bought this for the first time, I just love them!! they are so soft and natural. :-) The only negative thing is the strong smell they had when they are new. I have washed them as I received them with this I got the prove they are real good. I appreciate their quality and density of hair. Many thanks, hairtrade.

Teja Spolad

i bought this for the second time now. i just love them!! they are so soft and natural. the last extensions i had for 4 months, so if i buy them 3 imes a year it's not that much:) the only thing i don't like it's the smell when they're new, that's why i wash them as soon as i get them. and then there is no point in ordering wavy ones:)) next time i'll order straight ones cause they are the same( my friend has them). i just love this qulity nd density of these hair.thanks, hairtrade.

Fiona Kelly

Hi Hair Trade, WasnĂ-
˘â‚¬â„˘t too sure how to contact you? I recently bought item 1 x Clip in Body wave 4 (Clip in Body wave 4#) and I just wanted to say thanks! When it came it felt very light and thought that I might of just ordered one clip on hair extension, how wrong was I! The colour matched really well and because it’s human hair shines in the sunlight the same as mine without looking like synthetic! I can’t believe how many pieces I got with the pack. I only used 5 and it made such a difference. So I put the rest in and it looks so glam! They feel secure like they are not going to fall out. Thanks again you have made me feel really good about myself…an-
d upped my self-esteem! You are more than welcome to use this testimonial on your site and edit it if needed. Than-
ks again Fiona, Cornwall

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