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Clip-in set Structure

Model: #4 Clip in Straight
I&K Clip in hair extensions are 100% real human hair extensions
I&K human hair extensions are made in a unique way, as each set is made by hand individually, and not cut from one weft. This gives the advantage of more hair being added to each of the clip in hair extension pieces, making the hair look much thicker. Each clip in hair extension piece has been designed to fit your to your head closely, making our clip in hair extensions look as natural as your own hair.

With this clip in hair extension set you will receive 10 clip in pieces with 18 clips attached, plus 2 pieces without clips. There is enough clip in pieces in one pack for your whole head. As it is made from 100% real human hair, it can be cut, coloured (use a test strip before colouring), straightened and curled.

With our clip in hair extensions the actual length is 2 inches longer, for example if you order 18 inches the full length of the extensions you will receive will be 20 inches. This is so you will not lose length if you have them cut in.

Product Information
  • Materials: Selected 100% real human hair and medium metal clips
  • Grade AAA 100% real human hair
  • Weight: 110g exclude the weight of 18 clips for 14 and 16 inch; 120g for 18; 130g for 22 inch
  • Full Length: Actual length is 2 inch longer. For example: full length is 20 inch for 18 inch hair

I&K clip in hair extensions are exclusively available from
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stephanie Eaton

The best purchase I’ve made for quite some time, I’ve had mine for nearly 18 months now and they have only just started to look tatty, and I most defiantly haven’t looked after them as well as I should, I quite often fall asleep in them after a night out. They curl really easily and are plenty thick enough with just the original set, mine arrived within a week of ordering and I’ve never had a problem with the clips either. Fab product would recommend to anyone.

Abigail Bradbury

I had some of these extensions for years, they're brilliant! I have very thick short hair so bought another pack after a while. I had two packs and they were brilliant. I recently threw them as had them ages and damaged them, had proper micro ring extensions in and I must say I prefer my clip ins!! They're so much easier, I curled them before putting them in and they looked amazing. I'm getting my microrings out and buying 2 packs of these again!! Had 14 inches last time, will get 18 this time as my micro rings are 18 inch. 14 inches is a lovely natural length though, if anyone is hesitant about buying these email me at abbybradbury@ho- and I will send photos of them in my hair. They look so natural. I can see the micro rings in my hair sometimes but with clips in everyone said they could never see them! :D

Olivia Mcillmurray

Got the 1-2 day delivery and they arrived next day, amazing. Had various clip ins for years now and I can safely say I&K are the best. Halo hair - too thin and thread off easy. These last the longest if you keep them in good condition.. Wash them etc. colour system on hair trade has never let me down.. It is what it looks like on screen so I have a perfect match yet again. If you want reliable, high standard hair.. Go no where else trust me! It's worth every penny. I got 18" and it is more than long enough :) thank you hair trade!

Keira Summers

Ordered a sample over a week ago and still hasn't arrived so has put me off wanting to buy them if the delivery is going to be this slow. Ill probably not even get my £3.60 back either.

darcy newby

Absolutely love these! they're so thick and look really natural even with thin hair, and towards the bottoms. Would recommend 18 inch however because I had bought 24" and they were very long and looked a lot thinner.

Katie Filmer

The reviews look fab for these extensions but am a bit dubious as I have always brought my extensions in the shops. Is this sight safe? And are the extensions thick or would they need doubling up in order to thicken them? Also, are the clips good? :-) Thanks.

sam rae

Omg I ordered mine on sunday and its arrived today on Wednesday I am absolutely over the moon with them the dark brown was perfect to my med brown hair I got the 22" and there soooo long I love them im so happy I bought them xx

IMJ Johnson

The hair extensions were good quality, very sleek and shiny and looked great. However, I'm only giving 3 stars out of 5 because my hair looks quite thin with the extensions in and the 6 out of the ten pieces are really small and so I ended putting 3 of the short pieces on one part of my head to make it look like a full piece. Also, for some reason the package was deemed as 'too big' to be delivered to my home. This may be a mistake on the part of the delivery men but it would be a good idea to use smaller packaging. Als-
o, for those who were worrying about the safeness of the site-it's safe to use- I'd suggest paying through paypal.

Hayleigh Nichole

I'm thinking about buying some clip in hair extensions, I've recently brought some from another site and they were really thin, are these hair extensions quite thick and good quality? I've seen some good reviews but need some opinions?

Anna Tabrah

I have bought 2 sets of these and the hair is great, matches my colour perfectly and excellent quality that lasts a long time. However the clips on the second set were nowhere near as good. It's a shame, as everything else about them is brilliant.

Laura Juntunen

I bought chocolate brown and sahara blonde clip in hair extensions. Order arrived quickly to Finland, monday dispatched, friday morning arrived. Hair is silky n so thick like horses tail, Im very happy with the quality of the hair! But I have to mention that in both batches were one clip broken and now I have to buy new clips to change the broken ones. I have ordered clip in extensions from here earlier, the quality of the clips were better back then. Now clips feel cheap, plastic. Earlier clips were some sort of metal and in 3 years time havent broken, and they are still working. I just ordered different colour this time coz my hair is lighter brown now. So thubs up for the hair quality, thumbs down for the clips!

Alexe Fyfe

about to purchase, need more convincing! ratings are very good, but is the site 100% safe?

kylie chisholm

I have just received my extensions today (chocolate brown) normal next day delivery and was delighted when they arrived at 9am and have been playing with them ever since!. Firs-
tly i was really impressed with the realistic colour and it matches my own perfectly which i thought probably wouldnt happen without having to dye them but i was wrong, I did order a few samples from them first with a few colours and i thought the chocolate brown would suit best but its still sometimes hard to gauge on a small sample but the whole head looks great and does blend in well. The colour like some extensions is not flat, it looks great and even like my own hair appears to some subtle highlights in the sun. The other thing i wanted to talk about is the quality of the extensions, even though they were relatively cheap compared to some extensions the quality and amount of hair you get is amazing. The hair is really soft, i have had them in all day today and they havent tangled much and are still sitting well. The hairdressers are always telling me i have LOADS of hair and it is thick so i didnt know if these would be thick enough for me but they are perfect i am glad to say, i wear them slightly wavy for extra volume and they look absolutely fine! Overal-
l extremely happy with them and will be taking extra good care of them to make sure they last me well but when the time comes in invest in more i know where i will be getting them from!

Kirsten Hunter

i love my hair extensions and they arrived reasonably quickly. I got 14 inch which is long enough for now but would love longer ones. They are really soft and dont get tangled which is good. They are easy to put in and it was great that you could order a colour sample instead of just having to buy them not knowing the colour. They are the perfect colour for my hair thanks to the sample and i LOVE them. They look extremely real as well.

freya bright

i have just ordered them, i have read alot of reviews and all is good so i hope they turn out as good as people say. i have quite thick hair so i hope they are good, and they were cheap:)!!!!!

Nycola Langsley

Love my hair extensions, ordered on thursday and they arrived on friday morning, next day delivery. Only issue was that they are alot lighter than chocolate brown they are more like golden brown. If you actually have dark chocolate brown natural hair colour like me you are probably best getting the darkest brown extensions. But they were easily dyeable and I wore them last night and got lots of nice compliments. Well worth the money and great service

julia welch

AMAZING !! Loved these extensions expected to have to dye them but i didnt they blended with my hair well great length nobody could tell they were clip in. Great Product definetly coming back :D

Abi Jones

I've got thick hair so was worried the extensions would be too thin, was pleasantly surprised. I need to dye the hair as it was lighter than expected but I highly recommend this product. There was also lots of pieces so was very happy with them.

kirsty shephard

havent actually purchased them yet and having to right a review, but hope that they are as good as i've heard x

kerry o'sullivan

ordered them on thursday and they arrived the following monday! the match my hair colour perfectly and are really easy to put in! highly recommended :D

Kelly McGregor

nice thick hair, was a bit worried about the colour so i should have been, ended up having to die mine but got them to match my hair colour. wanted extentions for a few months now but never had the guts to buy them incase they looked silly but they really dont :) everyone comented and loved them big thumbs up :)

lauren reek

excellent hair extensions the hair is really thick and good quality they stay in place great aswell. the colour is a exact match fore my hair. it also helped been able to order a sample first to see if the coloured matched as most sites dont do this. i really recommed these hair extensions i got the 14 inch and they are really long. They also wash really well i was expecting them to go shabby like most extensions but they are still the same. I got them a few months back and wear them all time and they in great condition. everyone complements them i deffo recomend them. i would also recoomend the care kit aswell with the spray and brush it helps to keep them looking shiny and soft. going to ordering some more this christmas that are longer.

Sarah Carter

Just ordered this product, never had hair extentions before and I'm hoping this will be the product for me! I only hope I have picked the correct colour eeek!!!

Holly Sullivan

sooo pleased with my purchase, the best extensions i have ever had. the clips are amazing, i've always had trouble with my extensions hurting my scalp and giving me a headache after a while but i can't feel that they are actually there, it feels like they're not in. i have got complimented on my hair so much since i have had them, and three people actually saying they are the realest looking extensions that they have ever seen!! very happy and reccommend hair trade for anybody wanting to buy extensions, thank you very much :)

emily rutter

i orded them on a thursday and paid for the 2-5 working days postage and recived them on saturday they are amazing and take hardly anytime to clip in and look reallly good thank very much hairtrade you saved me from short hair

amanda dobson

Great item! I paid extra for the next day delivery and it took 5 days before i recieved them - athough i was informed the courier couldn't find my house! I got the 14inch and they are a perfect length for what i was after, they are a fantastic colour and matched my hair perfectly! They are a bit lighter with a small hint of blonde in them, and i was expecting them to be too dark. Alot of hair for your money here, fantastic! Will definatley be using the site again!

Kimberly Forbes

i got the 18inch. These are my third extensions from hair trade and once again-perfect! thankyou.

Narinder Bains

Amazing hair extensions! i brought the 14 inch and they are gorgeous, the clips stay put and the hair is glossy, natural and is exactly the same colour as my hair! They took a week to come and i am now sitting here typing, with a full head of hair, since my hairdresser left me with hair barely reaching my shoulders i have always put my hair up in a ponytail but now i can have all sorts of styles. The price is well worth it and if your unsure weather to purchase these, then go for it! i wish i'd done it earlier! Thank you hairtrade. I call this 5 star care for great british hair ;)

Emma Donnelly

yet again hairtrade doesn't disappoint , as i write this i'm currently sitting with lovely 18"/20&quo-
t; hair and i love it, they are so natural and blend in with my hair perfectly, would recommend hairtrade to anyone, i am in love with these extensions, so please i ordered them, thank you so much :D x

viveca forsten

its very good, I love them

Thomas Marshall

I got my girlfriend these extensions and she LOVEDD them. she has now just ordered another pack, as her hair is very thick usuall-
y i hate fake hair but these do look amazing (:

Elizabeth Holds

Unfortunately, I was disappointed by the delivery. Ordered on Sunday, came on Friday. However, that was due to the snow. The hair itself is gorgeous, a lovely colour with many shades in it so it looks even more realistic. It takes to heat well and stays in place. No worries about it falling out! I'm really impressed and they are defiantly worth it. Can't wait to wear them to prom in July!

Megan swansborough

Hey I ordered these On Saturday and they Came tuesday!! Love them ,they look so natural and the text strips were realy helpful for when I dyed them :) My hair is very layered so they blended very well concidering ,and are still in good condition after straightening and dying! :O ,will be Ordering next time I need some :) Thanks!! xox

jade cameron

Ordered these on Tuesday, received them on the Thursday! I had read the reviews on them and thought I would give them a go. Really pleased with them, so thick and soft. Ordered the Chocolate Brown-which has more gold in it, I have red in my hair but will be dying extensions to match. Overall I am really pleased.

Louise Marrow

I ordered my extensions on the saturday and they arrived on wednesday, which is good but after reading some reviews on fast shipping i was a little dissapointed. But anyways, the chocolate brown extensions were the ones which looked most red on the website and its not really true to colour but nevermind i was going to die my hair redder and waited for my extensions so i could die both at the same time - not sure how this is going to turn out but hopefully ok as it says they can be died- i am overall impressed with the extensions tho and they make me have long and lovely hair after i got all mine cut off :( p.s. 14 inch is long!

natasha fisher

I havent had extensions since 2007, i took a chance with these. I absolutely love them! they feel great and look great too... the colour isnt perfect but i am dying my hair to suit it. i have VERY thick hair so it doesnt fill my head completely but i have tricks to make it look great :)

Sasha Sigley

The hair extentions were a bit lighter than i expected but i really liked them , i need to dye them a darker brown to match my hair but 14'' is long enough for me , love em

Gillian Caruana

I was so sceptical about buying extensions online, especially because I couldn't imagine how the hair would feel BUT when I got these this morning I couldn't believe how good the quality is!! And the clip are tight and secure, not a chance of them falling off once placed property...and what's more...there is soooo much hair!!! I definately recommend them. Thank you Hairtrade!

Orla Broderick

I love these hair extensions, they match PERFECTLY, it doesn't really matter if your hair is a bit lighter because they blend in very easily. I went with the 18'' ones because I thought they would get ragged and I would have to cut them regularly but I needn't have bothered, 14'' would have been more than enough length. I have had them a year and am still on my first set- yet to trim them and they wash really easily. I have found that the clips are starting to get loose but all I need to do is sew the clip in tighter. Fab!

jade hawkins

i am now buying my 2nd lot of hair extension!! i found the quality of them great, the colour perfect, and the delivery was so quick!! i have recommended this website to all my friends and they love theres just as much as i do:) there such a great price for the great amount and quality of the hair, and there so easy to use:D

Tina Ogden

This is the first time I have bought Hair extensions, and I have to say I absolutely love them, I cant believe how much hair you get for the money, and the quality is excellent, the colour chart is a very good idea as it helped me to pick the right colour. The staff are very friendly when you ring them. I will definitely buy from this site again. Tina

jade brough

I bought these hair extensions yesterday morning and they arrived this morning!! I dont think i could ever recommend a product as highly as this! The colour matches fantastic, they are the exact colour of my hair! I wasnt expecting them to be that close, and was prepared to dye my hair to get them to match, but no need! I bought the 18inch ones and they we're alot longer than i expected as im not too good with measurements, once in they are half way down my back, so you do get alot for your money! So easy to put in, took me 15minutes! You cant even tell they are in, even with my hair tied back! And lets be honest if you shop around you aren't going to get them any cheaper, a very good price for such fantastic quality! The only thing i would ever worry about is that this site stopped selling them! Will defiantly purchase these again in the future!

Zoe Jones

These are great, i got these for my birthday when i was 15, im now coming up 17 and ive still got them. I have managed to ruin them by straightening them and curling them frequently over nearly two years but they are still wearable. probably the best £50 i ever spent. so worth the money and you dont have to fuss with sewing clips in. I am going to buy a new set when i cant afford them. Only thing i will say is try not to wash them unless it is absolutely neccessary, it washes the chemciacls out of the hair and they never feel as soft again! i was also really lucky aswell as the colour matched my hair perfectly.! xx

jasmine coventry

Great delivery, good product. Shall be shopping here again! :)

kelly clarkson

It's great and I've dyed it into a lighter color and it's been 2 months now.

Tanya Smith

an OK product, slightly thinner then i would have liked but still good quality. I perfered the wavy clip-ins because they appeared thicker. Good delivery and a fair price.

charish cruz

i order it on 25 of jan,got dispatched on 26 and it is now feb 2. im still very excited 2 see and use it.... i lke how it got 5 out of 5 reviews on most of them, it helped me decide wether i should buy it or not...n yah i cant wait 2 share my opinion 2=) but yah the whole shiping part is knda geting frustrating tho but its alright. i guess its 4ever cuz i live in tx. is that far from uK??

Lauren Hurding

oh and forgot to say, most people dont realise there extensions, its only when people have said "your hairs really grown" that i have to tell them :)

Lauren Hurding

After deciding and ordering what i wanted to do 9 days before my wedding, the extensions turned up 2 days later, just in time!. So easy to style and wash and 8 months on still going strong. Definatly ordering again!

emma williams

recieved my hair extentions they next day. brilliant colour and length. i have already straightned them. i am very pleased with them.

kayleigh hammond

I am very very happy with my order, the hair extensions are brilliant! Very fast delivering taking into consideration the christmas and newyear period! 10/10. Great colour!

Carrie Westwood

Delayed during the christmas holiday. However the hair itself is wonderful. I'd stick to it

Louise Roberts

I ordered these and the postage was great and for the hair you get, it is a great value for money as I have looked through plenty of sites. I have ordered the 18 inch and they are great! I was hoping there would be a video or tutorial showing you how to put them in as ones on other sites and different pieces and amounts of hair. The hair in my extensions keep falling out and im not quite sure what to think of that! But overall very good and I just hope they will last!

Liarna Johnstone

This site deletes all bad reviews!! I paid for hair and never got it and no one has helped me one bit in trying to get what i paid for! I left a bad review and now the owners have deleted it!! YOU PEOPLE ARE OUT OF ORDER AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!! Good for nothing is my rating!!


Bought these extensions last Sunday, came Tuesday morning, very impressed with the fast delivery. Unfortunatly they were lighter than I expected, so I decided to dye them the same colour I dye my hair.... they came out PERFECT. None of the hair fell out.. and did not tangle. Ive never had extensions before, but took a chance buying my first set online.. and they are SUPERB!!! Have already dyed, washed, blow dried, curled, straightened the extensions and they are still as good as new.... VERY HAPPY. P.S - I bought the 14inch and they go to the middle of my back........... plus I dont even need to use all the pieces....fanta-
stic value for money!!!!! :)

Sally fisher fisher

yeah can i see some a picture please :) x x

Pippa Jullien

I love these extensions! I bought a pair of 14" mainly for body rather than length, and they make my hair look so thick and natural - no one can tell it's not real unless I tell them (: Well done Hairtrade! x

ellie chaplin

This is the first time i have ordered from hair trade and i will be doing again the hair is really good quality and looks very good, this is the first time i have ordered. I ordered them last weekend and they arrived tuesday, the hair match is perfect i advise you too order from this site.

jayne sibley-calder

I have been buying clip in extentions from this site for a really long time and i have never wrote a review so i thought i would. I have been wearing clip ine extentions for about 4 years and i have tried many different sites and this by far is the best one i have used. I have previously spent the same amount of money on extentions where you have to sew the clips on yourself which took a very long time and wasn't worth it. I used to have very blonde hair and i went brunette not long ago so i was really unsure about still buying from the site because i wasnt sure i would be able to match the colour up correctly. But, the colour match chart was really accurate and they look perfect. I am really happy with the extentions from this site and tell anybody who ask where mine are from to go straight her as i am confident they will be satisfied with them also as the quality is so high.

Samantha Hunt

Extensions came quick. They match my hair they are very shiny and the clips are of good quality. Would definatly buy again. If you have REALLY thick hair like myself you will get away with 1 packet but, for the extra wow factor its worth buying another pack. I got the 18inch and they look fab!

aimee cripps

i purchased a set of hair extensions from my wholesalers and i was told they were human hair and when i got them home and washed them it was obvious that they were not human hair. they cost me £50 which i lost as i could not return them. i was very upset as i wanted them for my 18th birthday so after seeing all the great reviews i decided to give hair trade a try. i order the 18" extensions on thurday night and they arrived first thing this morning. the quality of the hair is amazing they are so soft. they match my hair perfectly. i am so glad i ordered these i just wish i ordered these first time around. i would def recommend these to anyone. now my birthday is going to be great :) thanks hair trade

jade cassar

Sooo fast delivery i ordered choclate brown 18" on thursday about 5pm.. i got them today (monday morning) so happy with the result. They are shiny glossy and just FAB, i would highly recommend these 2 any looking to buy thick and long extensions... :D

Kaytee Morris

Ordered these on thursday night quite late and they arrived monday morning. I spent 3 hours && 40£ on my hair two weeks ago and was extremly annoyed at how short it was .. Ive always had problems growing it because its so thin and i damage it alot.After my hair was cut shorter than id liked i decided to invest in some hair extensions. I found this site and for the price the extensions seemed reasonable. The colour is a bit light for my hair so im going to dye it but i expected that problem because its hard to judge colour on a screen. I love the length and the hair feels lovely (: very good condition. Only thing id like, and i always find this, is for them to be a biit thicker.

stephanie douch

I ordered my hair extensions thursday and they arrived this morning, I ordered them as I'm off to a summer ball and hate my short hair, these extensions make me feel 100% glamorous, they are excellent and they matched my hair colour perfectly. I could probably do with a couple of extra single clips but apart from that they are perfect. Love them!!!! x

sophie marks

ive just put them in and wow omg they are fantastic i abso love these woo im a princess he he he he he xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sophie marks


Laura Boswell

Well. I am AMAZED at these! I ordered my hair extentions quite late on a Thursday night. SATURDAY morning they had arrived. That's fabulous! I wasnt expecting them till Monday or later, so thank you!!! As for the hair itself it is really silky and shiny! I have REALLY REALLY thin hair so was worried about the clips not getting enough of my own hair in them and falling out when I was out and about but they're really small so attach with even the smallest amount of hair in them. Being so small also helps the clips to not be seen under my own hair. My only down side is that they dont match my own hair colour exactly. But since they are real human hair I can dye them and my own hair the same colour anyway! 10/1-
0 from me!!! You have made me one happy, thick haired, ;-) lady!!! Thank you SO much!

jade elliott

have just received my 14inch clip in hair extensions....t-
hey were dispatched on the 16th and they arrived in spain (thats where i live) on the 17th...quick huh?! ....but just got them today because the spanish post offices are very very slow! lol but thats spain for ya! im very happy with the quality of the hair, think next time i might get the longer 18inch ones, but for now these are perfect! i think the quality is fantastic for the price you pay...definatle-
y worth it! thankyou hair trade! xxx

victoria Bozzoni

Love them!Really quick to put in,look fab.Delivered quickly.Will be using site again,think clip on ponytail is next purchase.

hannah jones

i got these about 2 months ago now im on to my second ones i got the 14 inch first and now i have im getting the 18 inch but the problem is that they lose there silkyness after you ash them but apart from that there great! and they look real aswell!

ellie francis

TIPS? I bought mine in dec and love them but are there any tips on caring for them? I washed mine and the silkyness went a bit dispite using mild shampoo and LOTS of conditioner. i will buy a new set in a couple months but for now I want to keep these as long as possible. Thanks

amanda greasley

i brought a set back in december and love them, you should only need to buy one pair even with thick hair, as you do get a ten piece set, and you could always buy more if need be, i can honestly say i think they are great, i wore them on a night out and people i hadnt seen for a while thought they were my real hair, i will send photos if anyone want's to see how they look before they buy them

Chloe Kirk

Can anyone tell me how many sets i should get if i have quite thick hair?

Emily Mayo

I absolutly love them. They arrived very quick, the quality of them is just amazing and they're so soft. I got the 22 inch ones and they are mega long so I'm guns go the 18 ones next x

Emily Mayo

I absolutly love them. They arrived very quick, the quality of them is just amazing and they're so soft. I got the 22 inch ones and they are mega long so I'm guns go the 18 ones next x

ellie francis

I found a couple grey hairs too... and similarly i have very thick hair (i'm mixed race) and at first found it a little thin. But the colour matched perfectly and when I had them in it was hard to tell I was wearing them! will buy again and next time go for the longest set!

Siewkeen Koenig


christina barnes

really really good they came this morin and they loook really good i love them x x x reccommend you buy them defo x

Celia Tarr

I spend fortunes every year on great lengths hair extensions which are as they say great but cost a lot of money. I've been really pleased with the hair extensions I've received from Hair trade. It's saving me a huge expense. The only thing is when they arrive they are beautiful and silky but after washing they seem lto ose that lovley silky feeling even after using shampoos and conditioners for real hair extensions.?? That's not the same with Great legnths the quality of hair from them is much better and is always gorgeous after washing...

christina barnes

ive bought theses before and buyin them agian !!! really really fast delivery i ordered them last yr on thursday nite and got them saturday morin.... the best ive ever bought xxx

Elen Claridge

Fast delivery, really good quality hair and very soft! Would recommend to anyone who wants extensions!

Jessie Sattler

The hair is very soft. I got the 18" set. I have very thick hair and they looked a bit thin for me. But definately higher quality than most hair extensions. A little suprised to find a few grey hairs :P

Alexandra Melody

After a "trim"-
; at the hairdressers left me with hair that barely reached my shoulders, I knew that I would have to invest in some hair extensions. I researched a lot of sites before choosing and ordered my 18" chocolate brown extensions on Sunday. Monday morning, I was notified that they had been dispatched and early today (Tuesday), they arrived. I am now sitting here, typing this with a full head of long, silky, dark hair that fall a good couple of inches below my chest. And honestly, I couldn't be happier. I was extremely impressed with the fast delivery and the high quality of the extensions. As well as that, the colour match exactly to my own hair making it almost impossible to tell which hair I was born with and which I bought off the internet!! To anyone who finds themself searching the internet for the perfect hair extension website, then you've found it here. I can't rate highly enough! I'm in love with my new hair and even my parents who weren't initially keen on the idea, have admitted that my new hair looks and feels stunning! 5*!

Saskia Hair-Wenge

To be honest...I thought that the reviews were probably fake because everybody rated it so high...It seemed a little too good to be true. But you know, I thought...the price was right ... why not try it. I live in Holland and the delivery was so fast I was amazed. The hair is real, looks real...feels soft as well. And it matches my color exactly. I had already planned to color my hair to match the clip ins, no need. Perfect! Sec-
ondly, my hair is really short. I can't even tie a ponytail, that's how short it is. But these extension (and the color of it) makes it invisible to see. My short hair covers it enough and all I can say is that it's perfect. I didn't expect much for this kind of money but it's amazingly good quality. So glad I'm not one of those people that thinks that you have to pay hundreds for good quality, and most of all REAL hair! I'-
;m going to recommend it to everybody. Tip from me, I compaired the prices of the European currency, and it was cheaper for me to order it through the UK. THANKS!!-

Emma Kindell

I ordered these (14 inch ones) on Saturday and they were Dispatched on the Tuesday, I recieved them today (Wednesday). They were of excellent quality and i would recommend these to anyone. They were easy to clip in and gained approval from a somewhat skeptical mother. For the money you payed, you really get your money's worth here. I will definately consider buying here again.

Madeleine Casson

These Extensions are fantastic! I would recomend them to anyone looking for realistic hair extensions! They are the best clip ins that i've ever seen! =) The company is so efficient aswell, they arrived within two days, on xmas eve! Great for the xmas party!! Thankyou ! Xxx

Kimberley Watkins

These extensions are the best ive had! i got 14inch ones and there the best...fantasti-
c quality && plenty for your hair. i bout some from somewhere else and they were much thinner and no as good quality. i'd definately recommend these!!

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