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I&K Instant Clip-in Hair (ASH BLONDE)



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Instant clip-in set Structure

Model: HUMAN HAIR #18
I&K Instant Clip-in full set hair extension contains enough hair to easily cover a full head. For customers who do not want to spend a lot of time to clip in several hair pieces one by one, we offer this easy to use full hair set which will allow ladies to add a truly significant amount of hair extensions into their hair in seconds.

Seven special metal clips attached around the top of each hair set, once clipped in never fell off. The hair set is already styled and layered with nature body weave, adding volume and length at the same time. With our exclusive color blends there is always a perfect color to match virtually every lady. I&K Instant Clip-in full set will make any lady transforming into fashion celebrity with enviable luxurious locks!

Instant Clip-in full set comes complete with a deluxe packaging, it is perfect for storage and is ideal unique gift for ladies.
  • Materials: Selected 100% REMY Human hair, medium metal clips
  • Grade: AAA
  • Structure: 7 clips, see product images for details
  • Colour: ASH BLONDE
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