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I&K Quick Fit Hair Extensions are the quickest and easiest way to get instant volume and length. Made from 100% human hair, they can be styled just like your own hair (but remember to use a heat protector spray to keep them in top condition!)

With I&K Quick Fit Hair Extensions, you do not need to spend time with individual pieces of hair. Made with one full piece of hair, it can simply be placed under your own hair for long hair in an instant. Please follow instruction:
  • STEP 1: Adjust the wire to fit your head shape
    The adjustable wire will already be secured at one side of the hair extensions. When first receiving your Quick Fit extensions, place the extensions at the back of your head, approximately half way up your head. The wire will then go across the crown of your head. Place the wire through the elastic loop on the other side and secure with a knot. Your I&K Quick Fit hair extensions will now be ready to wear.
  • STEP 2: Applying I&K Quick Fit hair extensions
    Place the wire across the crown of the head, and move the hair extensions down to the back of the head, approximately half way.
  • STEP 3: Blend with your own hair
    Once the Quick Fit extensions are secure with the wire sitting firmly on your crown, pull the top section of your own hair over the top of the Quick Fit extensions and brush gently to blend in with your own hair and conceal the wire.

Weight: 80g
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Tiina Henry-Biabaud

I love it because it is so fast and easy to put and take away. I have been using it much more often than my clip-in extensions just because it's so fast and easy. It doesn't damage your hair at all and the wire doesn't feel bad in your scalp as I was wondering before testing it. I wish there would be more hair in this extension and it would be a bit longer. It says 18 inch as lenght but it gives me pretty much the same lenght as my 14 inch clip-in extensions. I also wish there would be more hair. To make it a bit thicker I attached one piece of my 14 inch clip-ins on it. It's also quite expensive when thinking the lenght and the thickness of the hair. Hairtrade is also missing an instruction video of how to set this extension, though you can find many from YouTube by searching "Halo extensions" or "Flip-in extensions".

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