Sleek Remy Couture Silky Weave 100% Human Hair 14" 113g



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Remy Couture is the most luxourious, highest quality product of Sleek. With minimal processsing, the rarest, healthiest hair is carefully cuticle aligned and delicately bound together with an intricate technique, ensuring the hair does not come away from its sturdy weft. When securing the hair to the weft, the same lengths of hair are used from top to bottom, providing hair that boasts maximum volume and bounce.

The hair is then specially optimised with nutritional fortification. Exclusive to sleek, this state of the art technique reinforces the cuticles, giving the hair improved strength, increased moisture within the hair shaft, improved elasticity and provides a lasting shine. It means this hair is able to withstand daily use of styling tools and heated appliances.


Keeping your hair extensions moisturised is crucial to keeping them looking good for longer. We recommend you use styling products containing minimal amounts of alcohol and silicone based moisturisers as they reduce tangles and hydrate the hair with out weighing it down. Excessive product use will create build up on the hair and effect its performance. Before styling, gently brush the hair through with a paddle brush (or wide tooth comb for curly styles) working from ends to roots. Lightly wetting the hair and spraying a small amount of leave in conditioner on the ends will help keep the hair hydrated.

At night. gently brush through the hair to get rif of any tangles, add a small amount of hair moisturiser and braid away the hair in one or two sections. Tie your hair with a silk scarf, or sleep on a silk/satin pillow to reduce friction on the hair.


Remy Couture allows for styling flexibility, however heat shortens the life span of the extensions, as it dries the hair out. All heated appliances can be used up to a recommended temperature of 250c. Always use a heat protective product on the hair before applying any heat. Apply moisturisers to the hair once finished.

Avoid using hot stove irons on the hair and do not apply heat directly to the weft.


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