How to Hide Clip In Hair Extensions


We all know that clip in hair extensions are a saviour. Not only are they great for giving you that extra length that you’re looking for, but they also add a whole lot of volume too. By just popping them in and out every day, you get an instant style and your hair starts to feel effortless. But, it can feel like a lot of work to get that right.

If you’re someone that tends to struggle with finding your hair extension style, you’ll know what we mean by this. Because blending your extensions can take time. But not only that, you want to make sure those clips don’t give away your chic hair secret. So whether you’re new to wearing clip ins or not, let’s take a look at how you hide the clips.

Section The Hair Well

The first tip always comes in the sectioning. This is something that you may do quite messily, just to get the extensions in fast. But if you want to make sure that you can hide the clips, you have to be able to section well. Use a comb and go for a neat line, as this gives you the best starting point.

Apply The Extensions

With your hair sectioned out, you can then apply your first weft. Make sure that you clip in close to the root, but not too close. This is so that the next layer can fall naturally love the top. At this stage, you should be able to hide the clips quite easily, as they’re at the bottom. But what you do want to make note of is the sides. Keep the clips about an inch or so from your face to make sure they’re not showing here.


Now, you want to go through and repeat on the next layer. As you start to move up your head, you should be getting the hang of this. Remember not to clip to close to your face!


Then you need to stop! Don’t get too close to the top. Leave around a section or two at the top if you can, as this is the best way to hide your clips. Ideally, your last weft will feel around three-quarters of the way up. This allows you to then style and blend so that no clips are showing – especially around the crown.

Finish Your Style

Now it’s time to style. Get your products and get to work. Whether you like to go straight or curls or something in between, you can work on keeping those clips well hidden as you style. Be sure to keep enough hair on top and fix in place so that you keep the clips away and your cute style as the main focus.

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