I&K Clip In Human Hair Extensions - Quick Length Piece #18/613 18 inch

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I&K Clip In Human Hair Extensions - Quick Length Piece

Need a little extra volume or length without adding a full pack? Enter the I&K Quick Length Piece. Instead of working with permanent bonds, or spending time adding in a full set of human hair extensions, simply click in one twelve inch wide piece, and you’re good to go.

Thick, glossy, and 18 inches long, this quick length piece of I&K clip in human hair extensions is a time and style saver. Change the length and thickness of your hair in a matter of minutes - you can even change the colour.

Whether you opt for beautiful black or brilliant brunette, or bombshell blonde or radiant red, you’re sure to your perfect match. With vibrant brights, ombre shades, and even highlighted sets, pretty much every colour is covered.

Soft, sleek, and sassy as sin, the I&K quick length piece gives you maximum quality for minimum cost. Made from 100% human hair, they’re a quick fix top up or ideal when you only need a little extra. Easy to use, style, and maintain, good hair days are just a few clips away.

Tips & Tricks

  • Practice good maintenance for longer lasting extensions
  • Condition well and use a suitable loop brush to keep your extensions smooth and tangle free
  • Style as you would your own hair, but allow breaks between heat usage for healthier looking hair
  • We strongly advise not to use purple/silver shampoo as it may potentially damaged the hair extensions products

The Facts
  • Clip In Extensions
  • Grade AAA Selection
  • 100% Human Hair
  • 1 Piece
  • 12 Inch Weft
  • 6 Super Thin Clips
  • 18 Inch in Length
  • Actual Length is 2 Inches Longer
  • 30g in Weight
  • Can be Cut, Straightened, and Curled
  • Glamorous Blonde, Brown, Red, and Black
  • Vibrant Red, Blue, and Purple
  • Ombre and Highlighted Shades Available

SKU #292

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 Ordering again due to hair colour change

I am reordering this product as I have changed hair colour. These are great and it all depends on how thick you want hair as to how many you order. I ordered 2 last time and they were great so I will be ordering 2 of new colour. They are fantastic quality and they are easy to fit.

02/08/2019 by

This hair is beautiful and so soft, but it I so thin and I must admit I am disappointed. I ordered two to be on the safe side but feel I would need to wear at least four to have the same effect as a full set.

24/09/2014 by

Delivery was great the hair extensions was nice human hair and looked great I wouldn't just get one because they are quite thin so I would advice you to get 2 or 3 and that makes you have a nice full head

19/02/2014 by

Lovely hair extensions very good quality fast delivery BUT not the colour on the picture luckily still like the colour but it is more of a peacock blue (bluey/green) but altogether would order again from this website

01/02/2013 by

PRO:I ordered my Extensions on Monday, and I got them on Friday - rather quickly! The hair is very smooth! CONTRA:But unfortunately the colour is like midnightblue, altough they look like lagoon blue on the picture. I think I have to bleach them ,to get them brigther.

17/08/2012 by

Very good quality and perfect match to my hair colour. Recommend!

10/08/2012 by

Very soft hair extensions. True to length also. They look awesome in my hair. I have curled them, washed them and straightened them and they still look fabulous! I really love them. I think that the colour is a little strong in my hair, but other than that they are perfect! They fit to the front of each ear so they are full head like they say. Awesome!!

13/07/2012 by

The blonde highlights are much lighter than in this picture, and less yellow as in this picture, which is a good thing. I liked these very much

06/07/2012 by

The actual colour is much lighter than in this picture, but very ash blonde, as the name says. But not as "yellow" as in the picture. I liked these a lot! Except that they tangle quite easily, but it depends how well you take care of them

06/07/2012 by

These extensions look a purpley/red colour. I purchased the 'burg' shade and they appeared pinky/purpley. Hair trade doesn't offer a selection of red shades which very disappointed about. Or is the 'wine red' more suitable for actual red shaded hair?

23/02/2012 by

I would recommend these to anyone, i ordered them at noon on friday and they came the next day. i am going to order another set as i only ordered one and they are very thin, however the quality of the hair is very very good, i ordered the 18 inch and could of got away with a 14 inch. Very very pleased :) --- Normally, you need 1-2 pieces to add volume. You have to buy 3 or more to add length, or you can buy a clip in full set. -By HairTrade

06/09/2010 by

I recently bought this hair and must say, that its amazing! The colour pass exactly to my real colour! I will order more, since the hair are very thin!

04/09/2010 by

extensions are really good quality considering the price! and the fact that its real hair! i ordered mine on friday and got them today which is a monday! the only thing is ive actully ordered another one today because there not very thick so i suggest that if you order these order 2 so you get the thickness but apart from that there excellent! :D --- Normally, you need 1-2 pieces to add volume. You have to buy 3 or more to add length, or you can buy a clip in full set. -By HairTrade

16/08/2010 by

this product is very soft but you need more than 1 piece to cover your full head which i did not know but all in all i like this hair piece

21/07/2010 by

the colour is perfect if your own hair is really bright, cold red. the piece is kinda thin, so two pieces work better than one.

13/07/2010 by

i think that this page is good i love hair extensions and i think that hair trade is the best way to get clip-ons. :)

30/05/2010 by

I have just received this product 2 days after ordering. Lovely and silky and just what I wanted. Be warned, I have bought 2 of these quick length pieces as one is definitely not enough - looks silly as they are fairly thin. Also I have found that the light brown has a slight reddish tint to it, so you may have to dye them to match your own colour. Very pleased though and I would highly recommend.

31/03/2010 by

recommended by friend,got in the next day! The color match exactly and its silky.

16/12/2009 by

I ordered this product friday recieved it today. Very happy lovely hair very soft and silky. I have been wearing extensions for years and tryed lots of different types from different companies. What i have found is just about all wide quick fix pieces that fit all the way around your head are fairly thin, and you definately need 4 to 6 pieces for a full head, or maybe 7, so this should be expected with this product. But as there are many options of extensions with this company you can mix it up and match as much as you want, it's great. The colour is exactly what i expected from the screen and perfect for me as my hair is medium rich brown with a subtle golden tone through it, so this colour is perfect mixed in with other browns to create a matching look. I will be buying the same pieces or other types very soon, great hair, highly recommended!

15/12/2009 by

highclass hair products. mixed this with other hair weave to produce a nice combination. Itd be great if there are beautytips

10/12/2009 by

The hair quality is silky and shiny, however this one delay 2 days

09/12/2009 by

This was a great product and delivery time was excellent. Im not quite sure how to put the extensions in tho do anyone have any tips?

18/11/2009 by

Very quick! Got it the next morning. Tried a few pieces before and this is the best.

16/11/2009 by

The piece is pretty thin, but is good for the price tbh, I'd advise buying two (especially if you plan to wear them styled straight), and layering them into your hair if your looking for realistic thickness/length The colour and quality of the hair is lovely, and they style so easily. and its in the title, 'quick' its true, just snap it in and go!

01/10/2009 by

This is very thin, but i only wanted it as an undercolour anyway, and for that it looks great. Very good quality hair, but i thought it was slightly over priced for what you got.

22/09/2009 by

I have recieved my hair extensions quickly, and they were the exact match for my hair, and the clips were nice and small leaving it undetectable that they were in my hair, I would probably have to order another one for a complete head, but i already have some extensions, so i just thicken my hair up with them as and when i need to. Very good product at a reasonable price, recommended...

24/07/2009 by

Hair Extensions arrived today very good quality will buy again x

19/06/2009 by

these are great but dont be fooled they are thin. if you are wanting a full head look you will have to buy more than one or get a diffrent type. they are great i love them but dont be fooled by the picture!!!! i give them 7/10.

16/06/2009 by

Excellent delivery time! The hair is so soft and really easy to put into hair. Great that you can style and colour them as well. Am definately buying some more as my hair is very thick.

21/05/2009 by

this came 2 days after on standard post. i got 3 sets and i mite get another becos my hairs really thick. the quality is brilliant and so easy to use. definately recommended !!!! i'm even goin to use it to my prom by curling them. !

16/05/2009 by

Good combination and sound recommendation. It is a good alternatives for the full head sets

29/04/2009 by

I would think this is good value for the money I have paid. I wonder if you have the similar style in Sythetic? I think it should be cheaper

27/04/2009 by

I personally think this is better than the silky/wavy hair extensions (a bit too big and too heavy) for me. By using this I could choose different colour

24/04/2009 by

Delivery is fast! The hair is very soft

17/04/2009 by

I love this products. It is so easy to put in and it looks great. I m gonna get more

15/04/2009 by

I like this product very much and it's not expensive. But it seems that I need 3-6 pieces to cover my full head. It's not mentioned in the products desc

03/04/2009 by

How long will it take to deliver to my door? and will my credit card be hacked into? Im worried about all of these things

08/03/2009 by

I recommend these if you want instant highlights , they look great however there not great for creating length I ordered 2 packs to get fullness and lenghth but this wasn't enough as the hair is quite thin , but service is good and arrived very quick and price was reasonable

21/02/2009 by

Matched my hair colour very well! nice tones in the extentions. I ordered 2 strips and 2 higlights and was plenty! Very good quality hair and the clips grip really well. Recommended to friends, would defo buy again!

07/01/2009 by

Je l'aime, arrivent très rapidement et la bonne qualité

03/12/2008 by

The color and Hair quality is absolutely brilliant! It covers full head for only 4 pieces.

03/12/2008 by

they looked amazing with my hair colour and highly recommend these to anyone there great... Laura xx

27/08/2008 by

Good Product. Was Delivered To My House Within A Couple Of Days. The Hairs Really Thin, But Two Lots Of The Extensions Look Fine. Good Quality Though.

19/08/2008 by

Wow what great extensions! the colour match is absolutely perfect and the quality great! the clips are fat better than my other ones as they seem stronger and grip very well. Highly recommended!!

07/08/2008 by

They Came Really Quickly, And Really Blend With My Hair, They're A Bit Thin, But The Quality Is Amazing!

29/07/2008 by

ver fast delivery, great price for the quality of hair! very very satisfied!!!!!

15/07/2008 by

Very good quality! I could use them over and over again and matched my hair colour perfectly

16/06/2008 by

very good product alough you need 3 of the to add the right thickness to bend in with rest of hair . clips are snap clips and stay in well

16/06/2008 by

I bought this product last week as I have been wanting my hair extended for months, as I do not want to pay £300+ and the hassle of maintaining the hair i opted for the clip in, I was really surprisd with the result and quality, for the money its fab! and i have the choice to have long hair or short when ever i feel like it. sooooo worth the money.

08/06/2008 by

The delivery on these items is amazing - was despatched and on my door step in less than 48 hours, well packaged and lovely quality - colour matches mine perfect and was only guessing by pic on website, will definately be recommending to friends! thanks! x

07/06/2008 by

It was very good quality and fitted perfectly. The clips gave a good hold.

17/07/2007 by

just received these hair extensions in the post, and was impressed by the quality,your getting alot for your money for £12.99!!i have had fixed hair extensions in the past but i wont again these are amazing and so easy to fit.

01/07/2007 by

the hair extension had the right length and the right width. i was most surprised when it matched up to my natural hair colour

14/06/2007 by

If you are looking to add length to your hair one piece will not suffice. You need maybe three or four depending on how thick your hair is. A 12" clip-in piece should cover the back of your head but look into an 8" or 6" piece to fill in the rest.

20/02/2007 by

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