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This innovative hairpiece of flirt provides you amazing extensions for your ponytail in just a pinch! They are extremely easy to fit and look great with zero effort. Simply pull your own hair back into a ponytail and clip on the two combs in your own hair, fasten the drawstrings around the hair. This hairpiece is made of 100% synthetic fiber that is permanently pre-styled with memory curl technology. Memory curl fiber will keep its style even after washing!

High quality synthetic fibres, looks like real human hair
Two comb clips attachment
Approx. Length: 11" Weight: 70g
Easy to fit, comfortable, and secure
Designed to blend in easily in with your own hair

Care Instructions:
Before shampooing gently remove any tangles. Always use a mild shampoo and gently work the shampoo into the hair, stroking downwards.
When clean rinse thoroughly under cold running water until the water runs clear. Follow with conditioner.
Gently towel blot to remove excess water. Do not twist, scrub or rub the hair. Do not brush when wet and do not use hairdryers or heated appliances.

SKU #4186

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