I&K Gold Clip In Body Wave Human Hair Extensions - Full Head #613-Lightest Blonde 18 inch

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I&K Clip In Human Hair Extensions - Body Wave - Full Head

So you want a little length or volume, but you don’t want it for life? Clip in hair extensions are the one for you. Made from 100% human hair, the I&K Clip In Human Hair Extensions will give your hair a new lease of life, effortlessly and instantly.

Handmade and cut individually, with these I&K clip ins you get more hair with each piece. So not only are you getting the 18 inch or 22 inches of length you need, you’re getting an incredible amount of volume too.

With 10 pieces and two extras, these clip in human hair extensions were designed for a full head look, making them as natural as possible. Treated with a body wave, you also get a beautiful curl so style with your own locks. But, be careful - the more you wash and straighten your extensions, the more the curls will drop.

Cut them, colour them, straighten them, and style them for the perfect look. With these clip in extensions, your hair is given the added glamour you’ve been looking for.

Tips & Tricks

  • Practice good maintenance for longer lasting extensions
  • Condition well and use a suitable loop brush to keep your extensions smooth and tangle free
  • Style as you would your own hair, but allow breaks between heat usage for healthier looking hair

The Facts
  • Clip In Extensions
  • Grade AAA Selection
  • 100% Human Hair
  • Medium Metal Clips
  • Available in 18, and 22 Inch
  • Actual Length is 2 Inches Longer
  • Full Length Is Measured From Straight, Not Curly
  • Available in 120g (18 Inch), and 130g (22 Inch)
  • Can be Cut, Straightened, and Curled
  • Hair is Treated To Be Waved. Not Permanently Curled
  • Washing and Straightening Will Cause Curls To Drop
  • Glamorous Blonde, Brown, and Black

SKU #3395

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Reviews (22)

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 Lovely but not enough for thick hair

My partner brought these for me for our wedding. Very quick delivery. Packaging lovely and secure. There extremely soft and have a little wave to them. Only problem I had was I have extremely thick hair and their very thin. Will have to buy extra to be able to make it work. So just be warned if you have very thick hair you will need two pack

18/07/2018 by

 Weight of extensions.

They are not 130g for the 22 inch as advertised. Only 100g bit disappointed. A bit expensive for 22 inch 100g. :(

26/01/2017 by

I ordered this piece delivery was 3 days pritty quick, but the colour was a lot lighter than expected, if you buy this pice thinking it a dark brown with blonde it's more of a light brown so go for a darker colour.

27/01/2015 by

Arrived in 4 days, from Newcastle to Devon. Feel lovely. I have very thick hair so was worried they wouldn't be thick enough, but they are perfect. The wave is a little unrealistic and doesn't look right when they are behind you. Haven't washed them yet as only received yesterday, the bonds aren't quite tight enough so hair does come out pretty easily.

24/10/2013 by

the color is great it blends in very well, i love this hair , the quality is great, ! thumbs up !

13/04/2011 by

Fantastic product and excellent hair match! Very recommended by someone who regulary wears extensions! Thank you :)

01/12/2010 by

I bought this for the first time, I just love them!! they are so soft and natural. :-) The only negative thing is the strong smell they had when they are new. I have washed them as I received them with this I got the prove they are real good. I appreciate their quality and density of hair. Many thanks, hairtrade.

18/09/2010 by

I found that one pack was plenty for my hair, the loose waves of these extensions are amazing, and look so much more natural than curling straight extensions. cant live without them now!!

19/08/2010 by

just had to review this product.its fantastic!!the colour matched my hair beautifully and the quality is amazing. love them and will be buying more in the future

16/07/2010 by

I'm am a very satisfied customer and will definitely be ordering hair from hairtrade again. The hair has a little more red in it than mine, so I will have to put some more highlights in the hair to blend better. I can wear it as is, but it would look much better with more highlights. There is a lot of hair, and it is very soft and shiny. The delivery was quick-it arrived exacly when expected! I was so excited, I put it in right away! Thanks! =)

01/08/2009 by

nice wavy hair! look fantastic on me thank

05/05/2009 by

Brilliant, they were deleivered within 2 days and they look amazing! definatly a good buy!

28/04/2009 by

Very quick delivery and the weave hair is nice. I thing I do not need to make my hairdo again to have such wavy styling

27/04/2009 by

I had tried some of your hair extensions n they look fantastic however it would be better if you can have some demo/flowchart usage for new comers.

24/04/2009 by

Not really alot of hair in one packet, I needed at least two packs to make it look natural and not so 'stringy', three packs if you're hair is really thick. Quite an expensive way to do it really.

21/04/2009 by

Im so excited to have this human hair on and is good for party

16/04/2009 by

I love the hair extensions does it come with other style?

13/04/2009 by

i have shorter straight hair right now.. but i want my long hair back and i was thinking of getting wavy extensions for something different... do you think it will look weird with straight hair???

03/03/2009 by

i bought this for the second time now. i just love them!! they are so soft and natural. the last extensions i had for 4 months, so if i buy them 3 imes a year it's not that much:) the only thing i don't like it's the smell when they're new, that's why i wash them as soon as i get them. and then there is no point in ordering wavy ones:)) next time i'll order straight ones cause they are the same( my friend has them). i just love this qulity nd density of these hair.thanks, hairtrade.

04/02/2009 by

the hair itself is beautiful condition. but i was very dessapointed when it wasnt my colour. on the web site it looks just like my hair colour 'strawberry blonde' but when i took it out of the packaging, it was very much a ginger. almost orban colour. i am exchanging it for a lighter colour as the hair is beautiful

08/12/2008 by

I bought this product because i have sort of pamela anderson bleach blonde long wavy hair and wanted to add more volume. i bought colour 24 because it looked like a good match but i cant believe how dark it is, it is more like a honey golden blonde than a bright creamy bleach blonde, so don't let the photo fool you. The quality of the hair however is fantastic albeit abit silky compared to my porous bleached hair however blends in well. I am going to swap my order for colour 613. I would advise phoning the hotline to ask what colour would suit your hair colour before ordering, if you can describe it properly that is. I cant wait to get my new ones!!! Thanks HairTrade!!!

17/10/2008 by

Hi Hair Trade, Wasn’t too sure how to contact you? I recently bought item 1 x Clip in Body wave 4 (Clip in Body wave 4#) and I just wanted to say thanks! When it came it felt very light and thought that I might of just ordered one clip on hair extension, how wrong was I! The colour matched really well and because it’s human hair shines in the sunlight the same as mine without looking like synthetic! I can’t believe how many pieces I got with the pack. I only used 5 and it made such a difference. So I put the rest in and it looks so glam! They feel secure like they are not going to fall out. Thanks again you have made me feel really good about myself…and upped my self-esteem! You are more than welcome to use this testimonial on your site and edit it if needed. Thanks again Fiona, Cornwall

16/02/2007 by

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