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So you want long lasting, luxurious hair extensions without a fuss? I&K have you covered. The micro loop ring human hair extensions are easy to apply, without heat or glue. With a micro ring already in place, all you need is the pliers to press them on.

Using the finest quality, 100% human hair, the I&K micro loop ring extensions are just like your own hair, but better. Cut them, curl them, straighten them, and style them just as you would your natural locks, but benefit from the added length.

Whether you opt for beautiful black or brilliant brunette, bombshell blonde or radiant red, a vibrant shade or ombre shade, it’s time to shake up your hairstyle. With 20 sleek, glossy, and oh so soft strands in each pack, you get all of the hair, for a bargain price.

Best of all, when you’re adding length, you’re also adding volume. Get the body boost you’ve been looking for without the need for heat or glue, thanks to I&K’s human hair extensions.

The Facts
  • Micro Loop Ring Extensions
  • Grade A Selection
  • 100% Human Hair
  • Highest Quality Keratin Coating
  • Available in 18 and 22 Inch
  • Actual Length is 2 Inches Longer
  • 20 Strands Per Pack
  • 0.8g in Weight
  • Can be Cut, Straightened, and Curled
  • Glamorous Blonde, Brown, Red, and Black
  • Vibrant Brights
  • Ombre Shades Available

Tips & Tricks
  • Practice good maintenance for longer lasting extensions
  • Condition well and use a suitable loop brush to keep your extensions smooth and tangle free
  • Style as you would your own hair, but allow breaks between heat usage for healthier looking hair

SKU #619

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 Beautiful hair

I had my hair put on today and oh my god it’s such good hair !! So silky and soft and works well with heat !

02/10/2019 by

 Fantastic extensions

I have been ordering the chocolate brown microloop extensions for years now. They are absolutely fantastic. I have not had one person even realise they are extensions. So natural looking and I find them to be nice and thick. I used to get them done in a salon which cost me a fortune, now I order these and save myself a few hundred pounds. Always quick delivery and never made a wrong order. Great

22/04/2019 by

I have ordered micro-loop hair extensions from Hair Trade before, and previously ordered no. 8 light brown. This was a whole lot darker than it appeared on your chart. So this time I ordered ash blonde number 18. I started to do my hair this afternoon, only to find it is actually a DARKER shade than the last lot! I had no option but to continue as I'd already stripped the last lot out, but then found there were only 18 strands of hair (not 20 as stated), of which several were almost unusable. The first strand completely fell apart...loose hair everywhere. The next strand had an extra bead stuck to it, so couldn't use that! Another had an inch of what I can only assume is glue down the top of the shaft of hair, making it unusable. This is not good. Margaret Langan

13/11/2015 by

always used to get hairtrade extensions and i loved them, i have thick hair so i brought 3 packets but i couldve done with 4-5 packets. i had no dud ones in the pack either! hair is good quality and easily curled. i wish the hair came with 100 strands instead of 50 but other than that i am a happy customer :)

16/10/2015 by

I absolutely love my new micro rings! i have put 160 in my hair (8 packs) and it looks great! fast delivery and well worth the money

02/06/2015 by

I have always purchased hair extensions from you and they are of the best quality. I use them to add highlights and low lights to my hair. They are easy to put in and they stay put. Delivery is speedy and service is excellent. Thank you!

30/03/2015 by

I've been a qualified hair extension it's for 10 years and are newly qualified with micro-loops, I do not rate these for finer hair, they literally slip right out as the bond bend around it too much giving it too much room, which is a real shame, better to get the stick tips. I will know for next time.

09/12/2014 by

Really pleased with the hair extensions i ordered 160 different colour blondes including this one :D

04/06/2014 by

Very disappointed with this hair. Paid £82.99 for it but it is so fine that I will need another pack. It looks silly. However I'm not prepared to pay a further £82.99 for another pack so it's fair to say I've wasted my money.

17/03/2014 by

My question is, once they slip out, which they do, how do you put them back in? would be a shame to throw away new extensions. However they were very easy to put in. info on this would be appreciated

18/01/2014 by

excellent service - very fast delivery! hair is great quality, will be buying from here again!

21/11/2013 by

Perfect deep plum colour! Lovely silky soft hair! Worth the price! It is 2" longer like it states but thats a plus for the price!

27/07/2013 by

Ive had to put over 200 strands in my hair and had to order more as about 30 have fell out ive ordered over 100 more as i need them in as my prom is in a few weeks the hair is good but rings arnt great as they dont hold well. If they fall out again once i get them put in and i have to order some more i would have spend more money on them than anything else. Gpt delieverd quick only good thing really.

08/06/2013 by

Good quality but very thin,colour looks more of a copper slightly dissapointed

30/03/2013 by

I bought a sample of these to try out,the hair is really good quality,easy to apply,so far I've had them in a week and had no problems,they're unnoticeable and I can never really feel them myself either. Washing my hair with them in is easy just have to make sure not to 'scrub' your hair when drying and instead dry them fully with the hair dryer or pat them,also brushing is easy as they don't get caught in the brush at all. Tightening them up is really simple too,sometimes when I sleep or lie down I can feel them but I'm used to wearing clip ins so a tiny bead doesn't bother me at all :)

28/03/2013 by

I really liked these hair extensions, the hair feels good quality, a bit dry at times after curling them etc. Iv worn mine about 5 times and the auburn colour at the bottom has faded unbelievably. They have never been washed or had any products on them. Overall I would not advise purchase.

20/01/2013 by

Excellent product, hair is good quality and delivered quickly, I first ordered 4packs after reading the other reviews however this wasnt enough for a full head I have used 7 packs for a full head and I don't have thick hair.

12/01/2013 by

Really pleased with product, just what I wanted! Delivery was excellent! Less than 22 hours after ordering, the parcel was delivered! I'll be ordering more of the same as I misjudged the amount I needed!!

01/12/2012 by

Hair is amazing and the service is great extensions always cone on time. The only thing is it would be better if #3 abd #5 were also avaloable on the micro loop range thanks

30/07/2012 by

Well Hun u must b stupid as if u have thick hair u need more then one pack , and can read is 20 hoops in pack but I need 3 packs to get result I wanted , so before u open mounth think twice cos I sure wiv one pack u not get thick hair !!!

19/07/2012 by

very fast delivery hair was perfect match wont buy from anywhere again love my new look

03/05/2012 by

A+ i love them easy to apply hair feels great and looks sooo real, i use to use the glued ones but these r 100times better very fast delivery fab x

15/12/2010 by

I originally ordered 3 packs (so 60 strands), they arrived quickly and packaged well, really good quality. Wasn't enough though so yesterday I ordered another pack which has just arrived, I'm very pleased and would def recommend.

26/11/2010 by

Received my lovely micro loop extensions 2 days after I paid for them, excellent service and the quality of the hair is brill. Just waiting for my hairdresser to put them in, cant wait!! To the idiot before me, the picture shown is TWENTY STRANDS you idiot not just 1 strand how stupid are you.

14/11/2010 by

I would highly recommend micro ring hair extensions for anyone wanting to lengthen their hair for the long-term, but not wanting do damage what natural hair they have! I got a professional hairdresser to fit mine and it cost a bomb, but it was worth it. However some of them have naturally fallen out and instead of paying an extra cost to have them re-applied, I decided to purchase these micro loop ring hair extensions. I also wanted to add some extra volume in places so I purchased a pack. And I must say I am very impressed! It has cost a tiny fraction of the price of having a hairdresser do it and it is pretty foolproof, even for a clumsy ditzy lady like me. It might take a few tries to get a hang of how to do it, but persevere and take your time, it will pay off. The only extra thing you will need is a pair of micro ring extension pliers to flatten the ring once it's in place. They can be found for a couple of quid and it's an essential tool to loosen/tighten anyway, so there's no excuse not to have one to hand! The hair itself matched my dark brown hair perfectly, the length was very generous (I even had to cut mine!) and the quality is excellent. Still to wash them but they look and feel exactly the same as the extensions I had in so I have confidence in them lasting - and if you take care of them properly they WILL last, I've had mine for eight months now and they are still glossy and manageable. I can't recommend these extensions enough. I will definitely be purchasing another few packs to keep on standby and might purchase a few of the brighter colours for a streak effect! If you had enough patience and time, plus someone to help it could even be possible to do the whole thing yourself and save at least £100 - £200 in the process. Thank you so much hairtrade!

04/11/2010 by

the real hair that comes through is a LOT darker than this, it actually looks brown.... thought it would be ok as real hair so would lighten it up but i would not recommend. i dye my hair regularly so know the right dyes to use but this didn't even lighten it, I've done it twice now but it has turned it a kind of pink colour. If you want to lighten it I would recommend you use bleach because nothing else will work! Or choose a colour on the website that looks a lot lighter I guess then you'll maybe get the right colour for your hair! shame it didn't work as now I'm stuck with strawberry colour extensions but my hair is blonde... never mind.

07/10/2010 by

these extensions were everything I was hoping for, great quality hair and very easy to apply. I only put one in to try it and it has slid down a little, however I do wash my hair everyday which the instructions do not recommend. overall excellent extensions i would recommend.

07/10/2010 by

only ordered 2 packs at first, relized i needed more so ordered another 2 pack...only have thin hair so would of thought that would be enough??? really nice hair though!

29/09/2010 by

I ordered my extensions and they arrived so quickly and I took the cheaest delivery option, unfortunatley I cant put them in yet because my sister has desided to get some and is making me wait till hers arrive, seriously thinking off go collecting them myself lol.... anyway while I wait can anyone advise me off the best shampoo and conditioner to use. I love having a selection off shampoos but read that mild shampoo is best for the extensions!!! Im only using extensions to lengthen at the back a bit, so considering washing top of head with my favorite shampoos and wash extensions with what ever is recomended..... liz

05/09/2010 by

Good quality hair. Easy to get the hang of, and easy to take out.

29/07/2010 by

Brilliant fast delivery as always! I ordered 6 packs thinking there would be plenty,but it really didnt look thick enough and was dissapointed, and so ive ordered another packs which should be enough.Lovely quality hair and really easy to apply on your own.Really like this product!!

24/03/2010 by

I recently Bought 4 packets of Micro- Loop Extentions and when they arrived i was worried that there wouldn't be enough to cover my whole head, but when i got them all in there was more than enough, i used to have clip in extentions and i find thease miles better, they are just like your own hair! I love mine !

20/03/2010 by

Bought this product as had previously used Nail Pre Glued bonds, amazing! exactly what you want but without using glue on your hair. Found it a tad tricky working out how to attatch them but once i got past that it wass quick and easy! I would recommend 4-5 packets minuim if you want a full head (My hairs medium length thin) bought 3 on recommendation and it wasnt enough! Am now waiting until they come back into stock :(

12/03/2010 by

I brought theese and was very happy only problem was i read a reveiw on here saying 2-3 packs would be enough for a full head this is not the case you infact need around 200 strands for a full head or 300 if you want a volumised look but on the whole this product is excellent lovley hair nice and soft to touch and very quick delivery i would buy again but this time i would look at how many i need lol

07/10/2009 by

These are brill tryed them out today, so easy to use and looks soo real with your natural hair. Poppy age 13 x

25/07/2009 by

I bought 3 packs of the micro loop ring hair extension, they are amazing! I normally wear clip in extensions on nights out but really wanted some that I could on for longer. I looked into extensions from salons and they are so expensive. These really are just as good and a third of the price. My boyfriend helped me put them in and everyone has said how real they look. Will definately keep using this product!

13/07/2009 by

i ordered these friday about noon and they came saturday morning! juts finished putting them in, you need between 2 and 3 packs for a full head - i need 3 as my hairs very thick. i used ordinary pliers from my stepdads tool box! extremely easy to apply - although can b tricky around the back so i go my boyfriend to help me. excellent quality. i used to pay £110 for 10 extensions fitted to my side pieces - but you can have a full head for £30. i will b buying again. a++++

20/06/2009 by

A++ I just receieved my extensions (i ordered them sunday,they arrived on tuesday!! so quick!) and im so impressed with the quality, i thought i would review them^^. I bought these to fill in some gaps in my hairstyle after a hairdresser got a little to cut happy, but this hair is better than myne!! Now im seriously considering buying a whole heads worth! Thank you!! xx

16/06/2009 by

Well i bought just 1 pack, they are really nice and easy to put on head but i still need buy about 5 or 6 pack cos they arent thick like pic showing.

11/05/2009 by

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