I&K PRO Pencil Styler Hair Curling Wand 9mm

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Produce stunning, tight, corkscrew curls that last for days with this special pencil-thin hair styler. Featuring an extra skinny 9mm ceramic barrel it creates defined, long-lasting, silky spiral curls in your hair that will certainly impress

It heat’s up quickly and there’s 6 temperature settings ranging from 80 - 230°C giving you absolute control over the the final results and it performs effortlessly on both thick and thin hair so you can get creative with some fantastic hairstyles

Curls are formed by wrapping each section of hair around the wand for 8-10 seconds, and the less hair you curl the tighter the curls will be. Easy!

It has a protective cool tip so you won’t burn your fingers, and with a professional tangle free 360°C Swivel cord it’s perfect for home or salon use, it has an LED indicator so you’ll know when it’s turned on and at the correct temperature, and an auto switch off function

If you’re looking for a statement style that will definitely turn heads then this is for you, and it’s a must have for everyone who loves curls!

How to use:

  • Take a small section of your hair and wind it around the barrel, starting from just a little after the root, right to the tip
  • Hold it vertically in place for 8-10 seconds
  • Repeat for each section

  • For tight curls try curling smaller sections of hair
  • For big bouncy curls larger sections of hair can be used
  • Use a heat protection spray to protect your hair from thermal damage

SKU #4295

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