Lisap Fashion Light Shampoo (250ml)

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Volumising shampoo for thin and dull hair.

Gently cleanses the hair creating shine and perfect root volume without weighing the hair down.

Formulated with macadamia oil, wheat amino acids, ceramide A2, creatine, quaternised keratin and soy cationic polymers, the shampoo lightly moisturises thin hair and transforms dull hair giving it renewed vitality and shine.

Macadamia Oil: An excellent source of vitamin E, with a moisturising, antioxidant, anti-frizz action.
Wheat Amino Acids: Conditions the hair, penetrating deep into the hair structure to improve and regenerate sensitised areas.
Keratin and Soy: Increases moisture, intensifies shine, improves the condition of the hair, strengthens it and makes it easier to comb.
Ceramide A2: Strengthens and makes it more vital by restoring cell cohesion, essential for the structure of the hair.
Creatine: Protects against the damaging effects of styling, brushing and combing. Also increases body and volume, so dry hair becomes more manageable and easier to handle.

Wet hair, gently massage shampoo into hair, then rinse. Continue with a second application and leave on for a few moments, then rinse thoroughly.

SKU #5522

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