Ego Boost Pod Heated Roller System


We all want the perfect curls without having to spend hours on perfecting it don’t we?

Well, that is now possible with the Ego Boost Pod Heated Roller System!

Ego Professional is a fabulous new electrical styling range which includes the Ego Dryer, Ego Curling Tongs, Ego Styling Iron and Ego Boost Pod Heated Rollers. The Ego range contains in-built unique features which detox, de frizz, and de stress every strand of hair leaving it looking healthy and sleek.

Our favourite has to be the Ego Boost Pod Heated Roller System. The innovative heated roller system heats specially designed rollers in just 4 seconds and transforms hair into various styles.

With a variety of different sized rollers, the soft touch rollers are easy and ready to use in seconds, deliver fast results and give incredible versatility with all hair types. The rollers are specially developed to heat and style hair without burning hands, featuring an indicator dot which shows when they have reached their optimum temperature.

The pod includes a set of 10 rollers including four 20mm rollers, four 30mm rollers, four 40mm rollers and clips.

It is ideal for creating beach waves and tight curls depending which style you want. It heats up in seconds making any hair style quick and easy. They also help tame frizz as they curl, wave and add volume.

The Ego Boost Pod is available now from at £135.00 with free delivery.

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