Bed Head Tutorial


This week, Amy from Salt and Chic shows us how to get the bed head look in 6 simples steps!

A lot of people tend to ask me how I style my hair in my usual “bed head” style so I thought this tutorial might help answer a few of those questions! Now, the way I do my hair is really quite simple but effective and is especially good for those who already have naturally curly or wavy hair like me. So here is the “bed head tutorial” guys, hope you like it!

Step 1: Wash your hair using a volume boosting shampoo to give hair a bit of a lift whilst still keeping it soft and shiny.

Step 2: Blow dry your hair until it’s damp, but not completely dry. If you have a fringe like me you’ll want to dry it using a barrel brush at this point or you will risk getting the gappy fringe which we all dread!

Amy Liddell Step-1

Step 3: Work the Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Strong Mousse through your hair whilst it’s still damp. This makes a massive different to the definition of my curls and without it they can look a little bit pitiful! For this type of hairstyle, a strong hold type product is essential to keep that messy yet styled look (is that even a thing?)

Amy Liddell Step-2

Amy Liddell Step-3

Step 4: At this point I usually let my hair dry off naturally and usually go to bed with it damp to get the real bed head look but I know this isn’t an option for some people so you can either do that or give your hair a quick blast with the hair dryer, preferably one with a diffuser just to give your shaggy curls a real boost.

Step 5: Spray the Tigi S Factor Body Booster Plumping Spray onto your dry hair, focusing on the roots. Work it through and rough your hair up a good bit to really get that just rolled out of bed vibe going (although don’t go too overboard; I have been known to have knots in my hair for days from being a bit over-enthusiastic with this!)

Amy Liddell Step-4

Amy Liddell Step-5

Step 6: Now this step is optional but particularly handy if you have a fringe that can get a bit fly away. I just use my straighteners on a low heat setting to tidy my fringe up a little bit and I’ll also give the ends of my hair a bit of a once over as they can get a bit frizzy. Of course everyone may not need this step but for me it’s essential!

Amy Liddell Step-6

Finally give your hair a quick spray with Moroccanoil Hairspray. I find this hairspray really keeps your hair in line all day without making it go crispy and dull like a lot of hairsprays do and this is especially important for us dark haired girls!

Amy Liddell Final

So there you have it – my guide to getting bed head hair! Hope you all found it useful and will give it a go yourselves as I love a good bed head!

Amy x

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4 Responses
  • Karl Hamilton
    January 8, 2015

    Lovely! x

  • Sophie Blumenthal
    January 8, 2015

    I love Amy’s blog and great tutorial! Gorgeous girl!

    Sophie x

  • Susan Liddell
    January 8, 2015

    Love the hair colour

  • Hannie Blaise
    January 9, 2015

    Omg I love the hair. Love this style!

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