5 Heat Protection Products Reviewed


When it comes to styling your hair, how often do you use heat? It really wouldn’t surprise me if you said daily, as sometimes this is the case for me too. Don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of dress-down days where may hair doesn’t get any attention, but on a standard day, it’s either a hair dryer, straightener or curling wand heating up my hair.


As much as I love for my hair to look good, I kind of care about it feeling good way more. Healthy hair is the future. I may care about how I look for a day (or, lets face it, half a day) right now, but if I keep on heating up my hair, I know I’ll be suffering with the after affects in the future.

So, it’s time to get serious about heat protection and styling care. Luckily for us both, I’ve tackled a few and reviewed, so we all know which product could be the one that works!

1. TIGI Catwalk Haute Iron Spray

TIGI Catwalk Haute Iron SprayFirst up is this wonder from TIGI’s Catwalk collection. I love most of the TIGI brands and Catwalk is certainly no exception. I’ve personally used this one on towel dried hair, but it can also be used on dry hair before straightening or curling. So far, I feel like my hair is shinier and it smells great, as with all of my favourite TIGI products.


2. Paul Mitchell Heat Seal

Paul Mitchell Heat Seal
This one definitely stood out to me for it’s promises to build body! Something I’m definitely always looking for when it comes to styling my hair. I’ve also used this one on on towel dried hair to blow dry and it’s left my hair feeling light and healthy. I love it when products don’t leave you feel sticky and seem as if they’ve built up, so this has been a treat. And about that body, I’ve definitely gained a little more!


3. Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection

Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection
Moroccanoil products are quickly becoming a fave. I’ve been a fan of their classic oil for years, but their other ranges are suddenly on my radar. They look, feel and even smell great too. I love that this beauty promotes healthy hair and prevents breakage. So far, I feel like it’s working. I’ve been using it with my oil treatment as advised and so far, this one could just be my favourite. My hair is soft, shiny and feels oh so healthy.


4. Sebastian Trilliant

Sebastian Trilliant
Okay confession, I’ve never used any of the Sebastian Professional products before, so I was kind of excited to see what this one was all about. I love the idea of this one being conditioning. It’s aim is to achieve ‘ultralight body’ and ‘a smooth shine finish’… So far, so very good. I’ve actually just used this one on dry hair so far, but it’s next on my list for a damp hair trial. When used before curling, my hair feels smooth and soft and my curls have looked flawless – I’m in love.


5. L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Lumino Contrast Serum

L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Lumino Contrast Serum
On to the fifth and final product, a little gem from L’Oreal Professional – a brand I love. So, technically this one isn’t made for heat protection, buuut it is there for smoothing and creating healthy locks that last. I think serums are so important for blowdrying and styling with heat, as they add a level of shine and health that not all products can achieve. I’ve used this one before blow drying and then again to finish off a straight look and my hair looked as sleek as ever. No flyaways, no frizz and so, much, shine!


So now that you’ve heard them all, which product will you choose?

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