5 Beautiful Birthday Gifts for Blondes


Do you know a blonde whose birthday is coming soon? Whether she is your friend, sister, girlfriend, wife, cousin, they will all love a present that is created just for them. You can make them feel special, not only because you appreciate them, but also because you were thoughtful enough to pick something that fits them so well. All of the following gifts are exclusively crated to suit the needs of blondes, all you need to do is to pick one that will be most preferred by your blonde.

1. Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair

Blondes are beautiful, but most of them also have a thin hair. If the blonde you know if not natural but dyed blonde then the damage is even bigger. Because it contains a lot of oxidants blonde hair dye tends to dehydrate the hair. If we add blow drying it, using all sort of styling items and products, plus the action of the sun during the summer, the hair can become quite stressed out.

Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair

Choose to offer your blonde the treatment from Paul Mitchell, Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair. It will redeem the natural beauty of the blonde hair, making it look healthy, smooth and full of life. The product is perfect for dry, damaged and dull looking hair, as it contains macadamia nut oil, Safflower oleosomes, and KerActive protein, all of them soothing and hydrating the hair. It will seal the cuticles, making the hair look less frizzy, soft, disciplined, and with a healthy shine.


2. Sexy Hair Sulfate Free Bombshell Blonde Shampoo

If your blonde has a bleached hair, silver hair, or highlights, this shampoo will bring out the beauty in their hair. Light or silvery shades of blonde look amazing when finished at the salon, losing their sparkle and turning yellowish in time. With the help of this shampoo, this won’t happen and the hair will look just like in the day it was treated professionally.

Sexy Hair Sulfate Free Bombshell Blonde Shampoo

It will help all bleached and silver blondes to look outstanding in between salon visits, helping them keep their colour flawless. It is a rich violet shampoo that will eliminate any yellowy and brassy tendencies of the hair, restoring that perfect shade of blonde. While protecting the colour, it will also protect the hair, forming a shield that will keep it from getting deteriorated. It has a sulfate free formula, suitable for sensitive scalp and hair, having as active ingredients honey, chamomile and quinoa.


3. L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Color Corrector Cream for Blondes

Allow your blonde to be blonde all the time, without the risk of going yellow or brassy. After several washes, the blonde will not be so blonde anymore, as there are several factors that will affect the way hair looks. Because continuous dying and highlighting the hair is not recommended, you could save your friend and loved one from damaging her hair out of the desire to keep flawless hair.

L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Color Corrector Cream for Blondes

This corrector cream will help blondes preserve their incredible colour, keeping the blonde beautiful and natural. No more brassy or yellow tones with this product, the blonde becomes a luminous one, just like the first day she visited the salon. You know she deserves the best and she will love your gift, because her hair will look even, from roots to the tips, smooth and healthy.


4. Revlon Professional Equave Blonde Detangling Conditioner

How many times you heard your girlfriend, wife, or sister complaining in the bathroom after a shower about hair that is hard to detangle? Well, you have the chance to make everything better. Dehydrated hair will end up being very difficult to be detangled, the process being painful and uncomfortable. Also, violent brushing will do even more damage, breaking the hair.

Revlon Professional Equave Blonde Detangling Conditioner

This treatment from Revlon is a leave-in conditioner, so she won’t have to rinse her hair after using it. It is enough to apply it on the wet hair right before using the brush, as it will have instant effects. The product is perfect for highlighted and bleached hair, for natural blonde and even for grey hair. We warmly recommend it, as the result will be a silky smooth hair, moisturized, and with a beautiful healthy shine. Besides smoothing and hydrating the hair, the product will also repair the colour, making it look fresh and without any yellow tints. Your favourite blonde will obtain salon-looking hair.


5. Paul Mitchell Blonde Gift Set

If you want to make sure that your favourite blonde will have everything she needs to look dazzling all the time, you need to consider this complete gift set. It contains three different products of high-quality, from Paul Mitchell, destined to create a beautiful looking and healthy hair.

Paul Mitchell Blonde Gift Set

The set contains a Forever Blonde Shampoo, perfect for cleaning and protecting blonde hair. The Forever Blonde Conditioner, hydrating and nourishing the hair, keeping it detangled and smooth, while also enhancing and protecting the colour, and the Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair, for the ultimate blonde hair care and protection, helping in strengthening the hair, restoring its health, and reducing damages. The set will also come with a chic bag.


So, in case you didn’t know what gift to offer to a blonde, you just found out 5 amazing gift options. We carefully picked each of them, making sure they will cover the needs of every blonde. But, in the end, you know best which product suits your blonde best. Of course, if you consider suitable, you can pick more than one, making that particular blonde feel spoiled and appreciated. You can be sure that after trying any of the previously mentioned products she will be grateful for your gift because all of them are reliable and of high-quality, providing visible results.

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